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Find out the truth about 4 Minute Money and see if it is right for you at this time. Learn more about 4 Minute Money and make your final determination.

4 Minute Money is a membership site put out by Harris Fellman and and Brian "Kos" Kosubucki. Both of these people have had their fair share of success online. One of the first things they mentioned was the typical scenario Internet Gurus use is to try to sell you a complicated course,Guest Posting then make it your fault since you couldn't grasp the concepts to the point where you could actually use the materials in the course to make a profit. This puts the guilt and blame on you so you don't go out and request a refund when in reality they say making money online is really very simple. This is a very common type of scam the Gurus use to take advantage of newbies and misinformed Internet Marketers.

If you are looking for fast money than 4 Minute Money is something for you to look at. Harris Fellman and Brian Kosubucki say right on their site that they had a ton of bills, including a family of 4 to take care of. They didn't have time to wait to earn money, they needed it right now and didn't have 6 months to wait to slowly build a profit geyser. I mean from the truest sense of the world, this isn't a traditional how to build an internet business guide.

The theory behind this course is to give you a bunch of small 4 Minute Money Making tasks. Some of these tasks might only make you a few hundred here and there. Other tasks could easily make you thousands of dollars. And what separates this program from many of the others out there is when you implement one of these tasks, you find out instantly if it will work for you or not, you don't have to wait days, weeks or months like a lot of other touted strategies.

When I dug a little deeper I was excited to hear that they only want you to only a few hours doing exactly what they say to do which is to setup about 10 of these 4 Minute Money Making tasks. They claim that out of every 10 you setup, about 8-9 are working for Harris and Brian. They did mention that it took them a few months to get everything tweeked and working to hit their 80-90% success rate, and there is a small learning curve that could take you a few times doing this to reach this success rate. But they did mention that when you apply this principle consistently you will start to become independently wealthy.

They both compared the 4 Minute Money concept to gravity. Very simple in principle but it took until 1687 until Sir Issac Newton became aware of this and documented it. They also mentioned that this can be residual income, so you'll work once to bring customers in and get paid over and over from them. They also emphasized that you can create an entire business off just one part of this system and not to mistake simplicity for functionality and performance. They focus on 5 guides needed that will make you successful, but they say each guide stands on it's own and can help you build your business, but the best effect is when you combine parts of these 5 guides which will create a synergistic effect.

Next I scrolled down a little bit and started looking at the 4 Minute Money screenshots. The numbers were very impressive and they tied the income to one of the 5 guides you'll receive with the course. One of the highlights they offer and what intrigued me is the coupon code offerings. They will show you how to take a product that people were already going to buy and how to earn cash each time they enter a coupon code. This is a spin on traditional affiliate marketing. And yes there's a lot more at their website.

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