Flexcrete is a Revolutionary Building Material

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Flexcrete is a revolutionary and a very strong building material which adds comfort or ease in building procedure. It is an excellent insulator, offers very high resistance from fire, it is also very cheap, and it posses number of other features also.

Flexcrete is a Fiber Reinforced Aerated Concrete which offers number of advantages in the building of commercial and residential complexes:

It is very easy to use:
Flexcrete is generally available in the rectangular blocks or as TCBs that is Thin Cladding Boards. These blocks and the boards or panels are really very strong,Guest Posting which makes them easy to install and hamper security, and this can be done even if a contractor uses a less skilled or inexperienced labor. By using the standard tools or hand tools this material can be shaped as easily as wood and can also be sawed. The regular or normal screws and nails can be used in the flexcrete. And ordinary mortar can be used in order to fix its surface which offers great strength and security. Because all the solid blocks are filled with number of air packets so they are extremely light in weight — they weigh about one fifth of the weight of concrete.

Flexcrete offers great physical strength:
The flexcrete has physical compression strength of three hundred twenty pounds per square yard, which is considered to be more than sufficient to support a single story or two story residential or commercial complexes or construction. The strength can be enhanced to very great extent by adding polypropylene fibers, which makes flexcrete a very good building material especially for the areas which are very much prone to hurricanes, earthquakes and the extreme winds.

Durability offered by flexcrete:
The reason why flexcrete is very durable because it does not contain any organic material thus does not get affected by the pests. Flexcrete is also non allergic and it also checks the growth of the molds and fungi.

Flexcrete is a very good fire resistant:
The flexcrete has cleared the tough test of the four hour fire assembly test in harmony with the ASTM E119. In order to carry out this test a ten by ten wall was constructed and then it was loaded with the 45,000 pounds of weight. Then the wall was placed inside a furnace which has the temperature of about two thousand Fahrenheit. All this arrangement was done on the opposite side of the eight inch wall and the temperature difference of the wall was recorded to be only eleven Fahrenheit even after four hours.

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