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Considered as luxuries in olden times and used for trading and commerce,Guest Posting wool rugs have been a permanent object in the house even in those times. To this day, it is still preferred for home décor by many due to its practical use and time-tested durability. Wool area rugs are definitely here to stay for more generations to see and enjoy. As wool is the perfect material for area rugs, regardless of your décor style, color preference, print patterns desired, there is always a wool area rug that is right for your space. At rugs direct one can choose from meticulously hand woven traditional rugs, to hand tufted and machine made contemporary rugs. You may also delight in the wide array of print patterns and colors that will surely enhance your home décor style.

Catering to a large market in the US and UK, wool rugs remain to be a most desired luxury for the home. They have retained their popularity for many good reasons, one of which is wool - the main material rugs are made of. It is one of the oldest textile materials that has survived and withstood the test of time, attributed to the unique properties of wool. In the 21st century, technology had successfully produced synthetic textile fibers. However, the field of science and inventions has not been able to produce another material possessing wool’s complete and natural properties.

Wool area rugs, if regularly cleaned and properly maintained, will keep its form and shape regardless of how long they have endured high foot traffic. Designed to withstand the abuse of dust, dirt and excessively high foot traffic, a typical wool area rug can last for generations. There are also innumerable varieties of styles available for wool area rugs. And the best place to find your desired area rug from their many collections is at rugs direct.

It is important to know that with over 200 varieties of sheep, the wool material used in a wool area rug correspondingly differs in many aspects such as quality, cost and handling. Wool fiber also differs in texture based on the animal’s gender, nutrition and age. Hence, it is rather impossible to achieve a consistent quality of wool because of these factors. For a durable and long-lasting wool fiber, one gets a considerably harsh consistency as opposed to the soft and delicate wool fibers used commonly for a wool sweater. The "hand" or fiber texture is reflective of the level of “scratchiness” felt in the finished wool area rug. Even the grooming methods, shearing and processing procedures for the wool fiber can also vary widely among wool area rug weavers and makers.

It is therefore not surprising if still, a lot of people consider wool as the best material for area rugs. Olefin or polypropylene – a synthetic wool fiber gained popularity among traditional wool area rugs aficionados. Synthetic wool will look like wool, feel like wool and possesses many of the desirable properties of wool. And because wool area rugs are known for their versatility, they can serve many different uses or functions.

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