Schticky Review – Understanding How This Product Works and If It is Worth Buying

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There is a new product that Vince Offer has in store for those hard to clean up mess. Unlike common lint remover,Guest Posting this product is made of special silicone, which can wash off the particles that stick to surface of the roller. What is more with this special lint remover is that it comes in three different sizes making it more convenient to remove any kind of surface mess.

Like his previous product launches, this was done in an infomercial some three years after Vince Offer’s last appearance for the Slap Chop. This time he brings along with him 3 products namely the little Schticky, Schticky, and big Schticky. Each one of these products promises to provide easily cleaning for all kinds of mess. Moreover, it will also save the consumer about $100 per year if they prefer this product instead of using regular link remover. Read on to for this comprehensive Schticky Review to learn more about the product.

Cleaning Up All Kinds of Mess

If you are one of those people who continuously look for ways to make cleaning up mess easier, then this infomercial may be just for you. It promises convenience in cleaning different areas around the home and outside. Since it comes in three different sizes, the product can be used in different surfaces from the insides of your cabinet, to the cobwebs built up in your home.

Like his former offers, Vince shares with enthusiasm on how this product will help your life become a lot better. You can now easily remove cat and dog hair, dandruff, lint, and pennies that you may have a hard time picking up one by one on the floor. Looking at the infomercial, this product can simply do everything when it comes to cleaning up mess.

The most important feature of the Schticky is that you do not need to use refills. This is compared to regular paper lint removers where you need to get refills when the surface does not stick anymore. The product is easily washable with water taking out all the dirt down the drain.

Does The Product Work and Is It Worth My Money?

Since the product comes in three different sizes, there are a lot of messes that it can work with. The little one is compact and perfect for people who may be traveling. It’s great for easy clean-up wherever you may be. In other words, it is perfect for small size mess that needs to be cleared up.

The two other products are also great for different mess. It also comes with handles, so you will not have a hard time getting into those difficult to reach corners. At only $19.97, these products are a must try for those people who are continually searching for better cleaners than the broom or the regular mop.

According to many reviews available online, the product is worth a try. It even includes a 10 year warranty! The only downside with the product is that you may have to take plenty of trips to the sink to clean off mess, but the savings compared to using regular lint remover is considerable.

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