The Evolution And Persistence Of Wool Rugs And Other Rug Products

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Rugs have long been used for a number of things. And if their legacy is not enough to convince you of their significance in day to day life,Guest Posting then the fact that they have been in existence since the 3rdor 2ndmillennium BC should suffice. Nothing could have ever been carried over that far into the present if it wasn’t important. And in conjunction, nothing could have ever preserved their original purpose if it had not been for the greater good or if it has not been an important contributor to man’s continued perseverance. With this, it is clear to see why wool rugs and other types out there are still widely patronized. But if you are among those who need convincing, here is a brief overview of what these items roles have been from past to present.


In the past, the role of rugs and carpets were to provide warm and more comfortable resting grounds for nomadic people. Remember that there were no heating systems back in the day. And people mainly had to rely on fire and textile to protect themselves from the extreme cold. And given that most of those who lived before relied on moving resources, they didn’t think it was necessary to create a stable home. As the hunted animals moved away, the community was forced to follow. And the only time they stopped was to sleep during nightfall, during which they would cover themselves up in animal skin and fur that they’ve sewn together for fur.


When agriculture was discovered and people found it convenient to make their own settlements, rugs still kept their original function but were now evolving when it comes to form. Since people were hunting less, those who needed insulation found other sturdy natural materials such as bamboo and hemp to use and started weaving them together to form rugs. When the concept of herding was also developed, they began remaking their ground coverings from animal fur. But this time, it is cultivated, like that of wool rugs.


When people became more sophisticated and artistic, that’s when the function of rugs evolved to aesthetic. And since stone homes were already built, there was little need to create rugs purely to provide protection and warmth.  It was during this time when they served a more decorative purpose. And their use became more of a privilege rather than a need. This was the era when more decorative carpet pieces came about.


With the evolution of learning, carpets were then also utilized as a representation of a certain area’s culture and history. A lot of carpet makers during that time began incorporating their works with stories regarding their village origin and their day-to-day experience. And they also applied them to depict their identities. And as science introduced a new way of manufacturing rugs, new, higher-end functions were laced into their existence, given way to eco-friendly, sound-reducing, air-cleaning, and fire-resistant products.


So don’t be surprised when you find so many varieties of them whilst looking for rugs online or in stores. This has been the result of being in existence for a long period of time. 

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