Bed Bugs: Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

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Bed bugs are one of the most dreaded household pests, and are possibly one of the hardest to exterminate. Although not a known disease transmitter, these parasites are often associated with key health concerns including allergy and skin problems. When faced with a serious infestation, homeowners would be well advised to seek professional assistance from a reliable bed bug specialist to ensure safe and permanent extermination.

Bed bugs are rust-colored nocturnal ectoparasites that typically feed on the blood of mammals and birds as well as rodents. One of the most annoying household pests,Guest Posting a bug infestation can be a serious problem and speedy extermination is recommended to help avoid any significant health problems.

Health Implication of a Bug Infestation

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit any specific illness, the fact that they thrive on human blood is ample evidence to their status as a menace to public health. Much like lice and fleas, these parasites do not actually carry or spread disease-causing microorganisms, but their bites themselves can cause significant distress. Aside from pain and irritation in and around bites, many individuals experience mild sensitivity to serious allergic reactions that could even result in a potentially-fatal anaphylactic shock.

Aside from the primary outcomes of allergy, bites can often lead to secondary infections including impetigo and ecthyma as well as systemic conditions that affect overall health. In addition to the physical implications of an infestation, some individuals living in endemic regions experience psychosomatic stress syndromes ranging from anxiety attacks to persistent insomnia.

Keeping Infestations in Check

Given the recent resurgence in bed bug populations, public health agencies are actively involved in setting up awareness campaigns and investing in associated research and training to help minimize any sizeable impact on community wellbeing. As with all pest management techniques, an integrated approach that actively seeks involvement from professional services and housing authorities can help establish suitable prevention and control systems. Homeowners, in particular, may want to setup adequate pest deterrent mechanisms at areas prone to bug infestations and also invest in regular extermination particularly if the area is known to be susceptible.

Tips to Handling Household Pests

Despite their name, bed bugs do not necessarily infest box springs and mattresses, but may often be concealed within household spaces that are not exposed to harsh lighting, such as the crevices around upholstery, carpets, box springs and even unused wood piles.

Putting in place suitable barriers to help ward off movement can be an inexpensive trick to warding off the bug. Protecting surfaces prone to the bug is useful and mattress protectors and bug-resistant control casings are ideal if an infestation is suspected. As an added bonus, not only are such covers bug-proof but these help ward off unsightly mites and fleas as well. While barrier control can offer short-term relief, an infestation is a serious threat to health and can gravely hamper daily life. From bed bug glue traps to pest control sprays and solutions, there exist a range of pest control aids that can be vital to a harried homeowner.

In cases of severe bug invasion, be sure to hire a reliable pest exterminator who will be able to a complete and permanent solution to the problem. Bug control services bring trained professionals and advanced pest control techniques that aim to eradicate the infestation with minimal intervention. A quality exterminator should also be able to assess your home and offer tips and guidelines to help ward off future infestations. Consulting a bed bug control specialist that promises safe yet environmentally viable pest control can be the most foolproof approach to reclaiming your living space.

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