C-fold Paper Towels Provide Maximum Absorbency With Less Waste And Fewer Germs

Sep 11


Gen Wright

Gen Wright

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C-fold towels are commonly used in public restrooms in schools, offices, restaurants, and stores as a means to dry hands after washing.

C-fold towels are thought of as the highest quality of hand towels,C-fold Paper Towels Provide Maximum Absorbency With Less Waste And Fewer Germs  Articles and are often used in restrooms where image is important. This is probably due to the fact that these towels provide high absorbency, allowing users to get hands completely dry after washing. Also, these special folded towels are designed to limit dispensing problems and dispense one towel at a time, which eliminates waste commonly seen with roll and other paper hand towels. In addition, dispensing one towel at a time helps to expose the hand washer to fewer germs because they only touch the towel that they are going to dry their hands with, not the other towels underneath it in the specially designed c-fold towel dispenser.

C-fold towels are large paper hand towels that are approximately 10 inches by 12 inches in size. Although they are large, they are folded in the shape of a "C" to be about 10 inches by 4 inches in size. C-fold towels are available in 1-ply or 2-ply strengths. The fold of this towel into a "C" provides extra absorbency for the user based on the fold of the towel in both the 1-ply and 2-ply strength. This unique folding of the large towel in to a "C" allows easy dispensing and storage.

C-fold towels are designed to be loaded in a c-fold towel dispenser to dispense one towel at a time. Each dispenser can hold anywhere from 200 to 450 c-fold towels at a time, depending on the traffic in the restroom where they are to be used. Although roll-towels are often recommended and used for high-traffic restrooms because they are thought to hold more paper towel and eliminate waste, users often over-use the paper by rolling out much more paper then the paper included in a pre-folded c-fold towel. Folded towels and one-at-a-time dispensers also eliminate the problems often seen with roll-towel dispensers including paper jams and broken moving parts and cranks. In addition, folded c-fold towel dispensers are slimmer, look nicer, and fit beautifully in any size restroom. This may be another reason why they are often used in "high image" public restrooms.

C-fold towel dispensers come in stainless steel or black see-through plastic based on the needs and style of the restroom. The stainless dispensers now have a side window to view paper supply. These dispensers provide for easy towel removal and reduce multiple towel dispensing, providing the hand washer with one towel at a time. In addition, they are cleaner and eliminate most germs because users only touch the one c-fold towel that they are going to dry their hands with after washing.

Manufacturers of c-fold towels include Windsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Scott, and Georgia-Pacific. Each one of these manufacturers produces high quality c-fold with ultra absorbency. Therefore, if you are looking for a hand towel option that provides the maximum absorbency with less waste and germs, then c-fold towels from one of the leading manufacturers would be the best option for your restrooms. Make each and every one of your restrooms a "high image" restroom and provide maximum absorbency while eliminating waste and limiting germ exposure with c-fold towels.

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