Chicken Coop Plans and Means to Recycle A Dog Home

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There are so various chicken coop plans available on the internet and many of them can be quite expensive.

There are so numerous chicken coop plans available online and many of them can be quite pricey. Some of the plans are complicated enough for an ordinary household who wants to raise chickens as a form of hobby.  
There is one thought that is surfacing that makes for an effectual chicken coop without having to expend so much for it. Think about your old dog quarters that is lying and gathering dust in your storage room.  

Take that old dog house out and clean it. If need be,Guest Posting paint it to give it a more updated look. If you don't have chicken cables, go and buy some. Some chicken cables are made of plastic or pvc while some are made of wire. Pvc wires are less expensive and they are available in rolls or sheets. Buy a lot of it so you can also cover not just the dog house but more or less two to three meters on the sides of the rectangular coop. Place also a sheet to cover the top portion of the coop to contain the chickens inside.

Get six or eight plastic pegs with two or three ft height based on your ideal coop height. After which, get the pvc pipes to strengthen the top part of the coop. Connect the pegs as well as pvc pipes together with a T connector. Assemble the coop after you have placed the dog residence inside.  

When assembling the coop, place it below a shady area or a location where it is not so hot. This coop can be conveniently transferred from one location to another after the area had been carefully used by the chickens enjoying their fun on the ground. 

You can find several chicken coop plans on the internet that you can simply follow based on your carpentry skill. You can also find several plans on magazines and agricultural brochures including from the suppliers of chicken feed. There is also no need for you to ruin your resources since these options are given for free. You can also find chicken coop kits that can be ordered, shipped and assembled so your chickens can start enjoying their new coop. 

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