Different standards for fire testing

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Fire testing means measuring effects on different kinds of materials. Main purpose of this test is to see how different materials react to different kinds of fire heating so that manufacturers can understand what to expect from different materials when heat is applied to them during manufacturing of several products.

While manufacturing any item,Guest Posting one has to stick to some of the basic criteria for fire testing. Fire testing means test of materials and processes which are involved in manufacturing of items. This can be determined by measuring the effects of fire on different materials and how they react against fire. If they are within defined criteria then they are declared as positive in this test. Now there are different standards for different materials for fire testing. Three major testing standards are ASTM E162, ASTM E1822, and ASTM E119. And they are used for different materials though. So let’s have detailed look at all these three standards.

ASTM E162: When radiant heat energy is applied to any materials then they produce different outcome. To measure effects of this radiant heat energy on surface of any material ASTM E162 standard is used. How material surface will behave against this energy solely depends on the fact that what is the force of this energy. According to force of this energy, rate of flame and its effects on material surface will change. Again it highly depends in thermal and physical properties of material. For this ASTM E162 fire testing is generally carried out in laboratories. Everything starting from thickness to layering is measured for particular materials. Then they note down different result by applying heat from different positions and force.

Safety of workers working through this testing standard doesn’t depend on ASTM E162. Safety actually depends on the fact that how safely this procedure is carried out. If this procedure is carried out in safe manner then it doesn’t has any fire hazards in it. Even after testing with this procedure, all must take care of different safety parameters because fire is hazardous by nature. If you don’t take care of some normal things then you have to end up hurting yourself.

ASTM E1822: Use of this standard for fire testing is totally different than ASTM E162. Where former one is used to measure fire effects on surface of materials of any kinds, ASTM E1822 is use for fire testing for chairs in bunch. For this test, testers use stack of five chairs usually. In all required condition, test is carried out by applying burning propane gas to the stack of chairs. Response of this test is measured by amount of Oxygen absorbed and carbon dioxide omission. There are three different configurations are there for this type of fire testing. One can use anyone of these three configurations to measure effects of fire on stacked chairs.

ASTM E119: Different from above discussed standards, ASTM E119 is used to check effects of fire on building material. This test is carried out to find out that which of the building materials are flammable and which are not. To understand their exact behavior, this test happens in labs. For this test normal fire is applied to walls or floor and then different notifications is made. Depending on different results they decide flammability of different building materials.

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There are so many standards for fire testing . Depending on your requirement, you have to choose one of the most appropriate. To check fire effects on material surface ASTM E162 is the best standard available.

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