Essential Accessories- Paper Towel Dispensers And Paper Towel Holders

Sep 21


Gen Wright

Gen Wright

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One product that has become indispensable for everyday living at home, at work, or in any business today is a paper towel.

Paper towels represent the ultimate in convenience because a person always gets a fresh towel that requires no after care. Going hand in hand with paper towels are the various styles of paper towel holders,Essential Accessories- Paper Towel Dispensers And Paper Towel Holders Articles including level action dispensers and hands free paper towel dispensers. Many commercial bathrooms are completely hands free today, including faucets and paper towel dispensers. Users who are concerned with health issues prefer hands-free washing facilities in this era of germ consciousness because it is the best way to avoid hand-to-hand transmission of illnesses.

Commercial paper towel dispensers are a mainstay in commercial restrooms and kitchens or in any room that contains a sink or that is used for clean-ups and contains water or other liquids. A paper towel dispenser usually is attached to walls near to sinks. Other dispensers are designed to be portable or to be located as tabletop dispensers. Stainless steel paper towel dispensers are easy to clean and keep rooms neat and new looking. Attractive paper towel dispensers are available in colors or metal styles for matching room décor. They can be locked and hold large quantities of folded paper towels, yet are easy to refill.

There is a wide array of bulk paper towel products to order for all size businesses, and smaller quantities for home use. Roll paper towels with matching dispensers are popular, as are the slim styles that hold C-Fold, multi fold, slim fold and single fold paper towels. Save by ordering bulk quantities from your wholesale supplier online, and get low, every day discount pricing and fast delivery right to your business or home door.

Dress up home bathrooms, or beautify ordinary business restrooms with an attractive paper towel dispenser of plastic or metal construction. Commercial bathroom paper towel dispensers will accommodate large quantities of paper towels, thus reducing time required for refills and maintenance. Customers and employees expect to find paper towels available in the paper hand towel dispenser, so using the large quantity styles can help businesses stay on top of those expectations easily.

Paper towel dispensers and paper towel holders are more than convenient for business or home use. Healthy living today means maintaining clean restrooms and sink areas for family, customers and employees. Stopping simple transmission of illnesses by using disposable paper products can save businesses money by reducing employee sick time, and by reducing janitorial time required to maintain those clean rooms. Green paper products are also available that are both environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Commercial paper towels are available from the same reliable and trusted manufacturers that homeowners enjoy using, such as Kimberly Clark, Scott, Bounty, Georgia Pacific and others. By ordering from a large online wholesaler of janitorial and cleaning supplies, buyers can take advantage of the availability of giant inventories of in-stock products, no minimums for purchases, and fast delivery to home or business locations.

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