Green Construction Suggestions You Could Have Your Custom Home Builders Louisiana Follow Through

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One of the prevailing trends when it comes to home construction is the application of eco-friendly features as well as construction of green facilities. And apart from being influenced by people’s growing concern over the state of the world’s natural resources,Guest Posting this movement was also provoked by the society’s need to save on costs.  Well, it’s no secret that global warming has taken a huge turn for the worst that past few years. And with the looming financial debt America has, it makes a whole lot of sense to be adaptive to current inclinations in the name of cooperation. With that being said, you should think about asking custom home builders in Louisiana you are working with to apply any of these to your home construction project.


a. Energy-efficient windows that sport a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-factor (about .33 or less). Aside from minimizing your need to increase heating or air conditioning in light of changing climates, such windows also keep you from having to use artificial light when it comes to illuminating in-house quarters. According to experts, these materials will actually take out as much as 7% to 24% off of your electric bills.


b. Enhanced insulation. The use of bio-based, non-toxic foam insulation in the ceilings and exterior walls of your house will not only slow down the rate of heat escape during winter but also prevent heat penetration during the summer. And like the previous element, it will control your electrical expenses, not to mention improve your comfort. To add, insulation will also give you access to federal tax incentives that would cover up to $1,500 of your yearly remittance. As an alternative, custom home builders Louisiana can also use fiberglass or cellulose for insulation purposes.


c. Solar panels and windmills. There’s hardly any question about how the given would contribute to the whole green construction movement. But what individuals need to know and appreciate about this is the fact that it can produce as much as a 30% markdown on a household’s usual electrical expenses. And when you avail of such alternative sources of energy for your home, you will also get to avail of tax exemptions.


d. Energy-efficient lighting, furnishings and appliances. You could have the custom homebuilders Louisiana you’re partnered up with secure you LEED lighting to complement the aforementioned construction approaches, on top of water conserving plumbing gadgets as well as power-saving home equipment. That way, you could consume 20% to 30% less energy and discourage the use of fossil fuels and the continued degradation of nature for oil. Sure, they may not look like they could change anything alone. But all together, you’d be able to notice a huge difference in your spending and the way your home feels.


Yes, they all will be costly in comparison to the traditional construction methods. But they do offer more significant long term financial as well as environmental benefits. Besides, it also keeps you on track with the latest home design developments, not only making your abode beautiful but also relevant.





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