Modern Bathroom Vanities Rising in Popularity

Aug 10 07:47 2009 Gen Wright Print This Article

City life is becoming more and more busy and complicated.

As a result,Guest Posting more and more homeowners are choosing simplicity over complex designs. Just take the bathroom as an example. The bathroom is a place where you spend time almost every day (at least once). So for sure, you want the bathroom to look pleasing to you.

When it comes to bathroom designs, there are many types of looks you can play around with. For instance, if you prefer a more solid look, you can have your bathroom vanities made from stone. But if you prefer simplicity, then modern vanities will be ideal for you. Here are some common characteristics that you can expect to see.

Simple shapes.

Don't expect to see many curves on the vanities. They mostly come in simple shapes such as square, rectangle, circular, or oval. You won't find any complexities here. Everything is kept simple.

Minimalistic approach.

In addition to keeping shapes simple, the minimalist approach is also adopted. That means there won't be flowery designs on the vanities. Instead, you get a very functional set of bathroom vanities - a mirror, the sink and tap, and a row of drawers underneath.

Wall mounted.

This is what makes modern vanities different from other types of vanities. Mostly, the furnishing is mounted on the wall. There will not be any legs supporting the furniture. The cabinets look as if it's floating in the air. This creates an illusion of additional space. In other words, the bathroom tends to look more spacious than it really is.

Variety of designs.

Although the shapes are mostly kept simple, you may be surprised at the variety of designs that you get to choose from. Various designs are created using just simple shapes. Ultimately, you choice will depend on a few important factors.

Number 1, is it a design that you like for a long time to come? Usually, modern vanities come with more lasting looks because the designs are more classic.

Number 2, is it functional enough for you? For instance, the cabinets will have about 4 drawers. Is this enough for the whole family? What about the size of the drawers? Do you need larger (or smaller) compartments to store your personal items?

Number 3, is the price within your budget? Most modern vanities are available at affordable prices. Many can be bought for less than $1,000. Don't let price be your sole deciding factor though. Always remember to keep in mind the other 2 factors - design and functionality.

The difficulty is always in balancing between the design and the practicality of the furnishing. Large set pieces may look more elaborate and attractive. But is it really practical to install such large items in the bathroom? Do you really need the space? These are issues that you need to consider before purchasing modern bathroom vanities.

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