Selling An Old House Quickly Without Spending A Fortune: Cabinet Resurfacing And More

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Making updates on your home before ever putting it on the market can't guarantee a quick sale,Guest Posting but it can help. If you make your house stand out among others, you can help ensure that it's the one that sticks out in the mind of potential buyers. Instead of just hoping your house sells, make the effort to help it sell quickly.

Paint Your Home Yourself Instead Of Hiring Someone

A fresh new coat of paint can instantly refresh the look of your home. Many people want to hire a painting company to come take care of this, but this can be expensive. If you're working on a budget, get out those painting tarps, rollers, paint and brushes. Tackle this project slowly, especially if you've never painted before. Take the time to apply special painter's tape to baseboards and doorframes to protect from spills and start by outlining the top next to the ceiling and the bottom close to the baseboards. Once you have this outline done, use a roller to easily apply the paint to the rest of the wall.

If you're covering a dark color with a light color, you have a few different options. One is to use a special primer to cover the walls before applying the paint. This usually gives you the best coverage, however it is time consuming. Instead, use a paint and primer in one. This covers easily and usually only requires one coat, minimizing the time you're spending with a paintbrush in hand.

Cabinet Resurfacing Can Update The Kitchen

Kitchens and baths sell homes, any real estate agent will tell you that. If you're faced with old, outdated cabinetry, don't spend a lot of money updating a kitchen that might not be yours in a few months. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars replacing the cabinetry, focus your efforts on cabinet resurfacing. Resurfacing can be done two ways so learn about the difference between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing before you undertake this type of project. If you're doing cabinet refacing, you will need to order new doors and drawers and then apply a matching veneer to the existing structure of the cabinetry. This method is less expensive than replacing the cabinetry, but more expensive than cabinet refinishing. Cabinet refinishing refinishes all pieces of the cabinetry and then reuses each piece. Both methods are excellent ways to change the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Steam Clean Carpets

Lastly, give your carpets a critical look and a good cleaning. If you don't own a steam cleaner, you can either hire a company to do them or rent a machine from a local grocery store or home improvement store. If your carpets are badly stained, it's not a bad idea to call in the professionals. They'll know how to attack any existing stains and typically have more powerful equipment than anything you can rent.

Across the country, real estate markets are depressed. Even in markets where houses once sold in just days, homes now sit on the market for six months to a year and homeowners are taking big financial hits on their house when it finally does sell. To help lessen the negative impact if you're faced with trying to sell your house, do some simple updates such as painting it yourself, updating your kitchen with cabinet surfacing and deep cleaning your carpets.

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