Three Benefits Of Cabinet Resurfacing Over Replacement

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There are a number of benefits to choosing cabinet resurfacing over replacement. Cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing can save you money, is better for then environment, and helps limit the disruption in your household. 

If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of some upgrades or a major facelift,Guest Posting you've probably looked into replacing the cupboards. However, many people are surprised that they don't need to completely replace them for a new-to-you look. Instead, look into cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing. These options have a lot of benefits over replacement so take some time to familiarize yourself with the benefits before you decide to rip out your cupboards and start from scratch.

Cabinet Resurfacing Is Eco-Friendly

Cabinet resurfacing is an environmentally-friendly option over replacement. This is because the structure of the cupboards is preserved, rather than simply thrown away. Although the wood can be recycled, keeping them in your home is a better option. Each year more than 14 million tons of wood is thrown out. Although this wood comes from a number of sources, including wood pallets and furniture, cupboards do make up a large portion of this amount. Instead of recycling your cupboards or, worse, throwing them into a landfill, keep them in your home and simply use resurfacing techniques to give them a brand new look.

Cabinet Refinishing Is Budget-Friendly

A major kitchen remodel can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. New cupboards alone can cost at least $10,000 and even more if you're considering a custom job. Since most people who are doing a kitchen remodel choose to upgrade the countertops, appliances, flooring and more, the cost can add up quickly. Many homeowners are choosing to use cabinet refinishing if the doors of the cupboards are in good condition or cabinet refacing if the doors need to be replaced. During a refinishing job, the doors and drawers are removed and sanded down. At this point, a new stain, paint or even a new laminate is applied to change the look of the kitchen. During a refacing job, the doors and drawers are discarded (ask if they'll be recycled!) and new doors and drawers are ordered. The exterior frames are either updated with new laminate, stain, or paint and the doors and drawers are made to match. Because you're repurposing the existing cabinetry, you'll save a great deal of money.

Cabinet Refacing Is Less Disruptive To Your Home Life

A full kitchen remodel can seriously cramp your home life. In some cases, it's impossible to use the kitchen for several weeks, which means you can't cook, wash dishes or anything else. If you're replacing the cabinetry, you'll also need to find a place for everything that is usually inside it. If you're choosing resurfacing, you might be able to leave some of your dishes inside. Ask your contractors, however, before you leave everything in your cabinetry. Additionally, these resurfacing jobs take less time than a full replacement. It takes about three weeks for refinishing and five days for refacing (though it can take two to three weeks for the doors and drawers to come in after ordering).

These are only three benefits of refinishing - if you talk with an experienced contractor, you will learn about even more. Before you spend a lot of money to update your kitchen, consider looking into whether a resurfacing option is right for your home.

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