Using Color When Starting A Cabinet Refinishing Project

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If you're looking for a new look for your kitchen, consider updating the cabinets with color through cabinet resurfacing. Whether you choose cool white, dramatic black or a bold color like red, this can be easily achieved through cabinet refinishing. 

If you're looking for an easy way to make your home look unique and show off your personal style,Guest Posting consider updating the look of your kitchen cabinets using color. The possibilities are endless, especially if you're planning on using cabinet resurfacing techniques like cabinet refacing or refinishing.

What Is Cabinet Resurfacing?

If you're interested in cabinet resurfacing, realize that there are two different types. Cabinet refinishing uses your existing doors and drawers and sands everything down to create a surface that will hold a new paint or stain. If you're looking at cabinet refacing, your contractor will measure your cabinets and order new doors and drawers, while utilizing the existing structure of your cabinetry. In both cases, the structure, doors and drawers will all be stained or painted the same shade so that they appear entirely new. New hardware, drawer pulls and door handles can all be added to help improve the look.

Using White For Your Cabinetry

White is a popular paint shade for kitchen cabinetry. In the past years, many homeowners avoided white because they worried that it would stain easily. However, new technology means that the cabinets can remain stain free and wipe down easily when they do get dirty. White also helps open up your space, which means it's ideal for both large and small kitchens. Your contractor can coordinate the cabinetry with a number of different countertops, but it looks especially sharp with a dark countertop, such as black granite or laminate. Drawer pulls and door handles can be nearly any color, though many homeowners choose to install brushed nickel ones for a classic look.

Using Black Or Dark Chocolate Brown For Your Kitchen

If you're looking for drama in your home, consider using black or chocolate brown paint to update your cabinetry. While many people might think that a small kitchen can't handle a dark color like black or deep chocolate brown, the truth is that a small kitchen can look better than a larger one when it's done in a dark color. Larger kitchens can seem overwhelmed and excessively dark, so ask your contractor for his or her professional opinion or use a software program to determine what your room will look like with a dark resurfacing job.

To bring in light, make sure your kitchen has sufficient lighting fixtures. For best results, choose light colored flooring, backsplashes and countertops to lighten up the room further. The last thing you want is a dark, dreary room so make sure everything works together before starting your cabinet refinishing project.

Using A Bright Bold Color Like Red, Turquoise Or Yellow

If bold colors are more your style, look toward red, turquoise or even yellow. While most people think that this look works best in an extremely modern home, the truth is that color can look great no matter what type of kitchen style you have. If you're considering using a bright shade, don't just dive in. Consider painting a large sheet of paper with the colors you like and tape them to your cabinetry before making a commitment to resurfacing. This will allow you to choose the shades you like best before painting your cabinetry.

If you're looking to make a statement with your kitchen, think about cabinet resurfacing with color! Whether you choose cool white, dramatic black or a bold shade, you can be sure you're getting the kitchen of your dreams.

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