Why Is Teak Outdoor Furniture One Of The Best

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Gardens certainly provide a refreshing alternative to family activities, get-togethers, and gatherings.

While most people are blessed with large houses,Guest Posting others are not; thus, the only place to host a large number of people on special occasion is the garden. Other people may not actually consider their outdoor spaces as gardens, but for as long as there is a display and cultivation of plants and other forms of nature, these outdoor spaces can be considered as gardens.

Furnishing outdoor spaces can be very challenging. Aside from the fact that the concept of the outdoor space needs to be established, the types of furniture have to be determined as well. There is a wide range of choices for outdoor furniture. In fact, the choices are so numerous that deciding which one to choose is a little difficult. However, if you know what you want and need, choosing may not be difficult at all.

Many people consider wood furniture for their outdoor spaces. Wood furniture perfectly complements the natural environment that outdoor spaces offer. Besides, if you want to make sure that your furniture fits with any concept and style that you have for your outdoor space, choosing wood furniture is definitely the soundest idea. On the other hand, choosing the type of wood for outdoor spaces poses a challenge. This is so because there are many different types of wood used for outdoor furniture.

One of the most popular wood furniture though is teak. Teak is a beautiful hardwood grown in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and South America. This hardwood is used for many applications because of its durability. In fact, Teak wood is even used in shipbuilding many years ago. Today, teak is basically used in making outdoor furniture. In fact, Indonesia is extensively producing teak outdoor furniture for export.

There are a number of reasons why most people prefer teak outdoor furniture. The first and primary reason is its durability and strength. Teak is beyond question one of the most durable hardwoods around. This hardwood has been used as building material many years ago and is proven for its endurance and strength.

Another reason is its water resistant quality. Teak is one of the few hardwood types that contain oil that is highly resistant to water, making teak very ideal for outdoor furniture pieces. In addition, the oil that is contained in teak is also insect repellent. This oil protects the teak tree from decay, bacteria, and insects.

Finally, teak is stylish. Keeping teak's original color is just very easy. By annually brushing teak furniture with teak oil, the original color is maintained. Moreover, the color of the wood changes with time as well. From its yellowish natural color, teak turns to silvery gray over time as it is exposed to environmental conditions. While others want to maintain the shimmery appearance of teak, others also want the silvery gray color of teak as its natural oil wears off with time.

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