Bank Identification Number Bin List Provider Comparisons- Binbase Vs. Exactbins

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What is it that your business needs from a credit card transaction? Chances are you answered reliability, and that's something that both companies at BinBase and ExactBins provide, but even with accuracy and dependability, you have a choice to make, and that choice often hinges on the variable of what your payment transactions truly need.

Some businesses accept certain credit card types. Some are comprehensive and include prepaid cards as well. There are more choices than ever before for the consumer,Guest Posting and the more choice you give, the more revenue you can grow. But if you're looking to provide your customers with options, you need a bank bin list provider committed to accuracy and selection. Here's how the two companies above stack up.

The bank identification number bin list.

Many companies market themselves purely on the vastness of their database, and while that sounds good on paper, the important question to answer is how accurate and up to date is the information? At BinBase, you get 234,000 total records, which is more comprehensive than ExactBins by about 44,000. Does that make BB the way to go? Not necessarily. It all comes back to what you need from your business. Obviously, if your payment options are a bit more limited, you may not need as much, so paying for the extra really doesn't make any sense. It all comes back to what you need.


A bank identification number bin list is only as reliable as its currency. These two services track pretty closely in terms of their last updates, but before deciding on BB, which has about a four day advantage, make sure you speak to both organizations and get a clear understanding of where their information comes from and how often they supply revisions. Changes happen frequently, so often it's the company with the best procedures in place that delivers the best overall product.

Verification parameters.

Generally, if a company offers six or more verification parameters, they are probably doing a good job of staying up to date and providing you with the details you need. However, there is a lot to be said for being thorough, and when it comes to that, BB covers almost twice the overall data points as EB. However, the six parameters that EB follows in verifying the content of its database is usually more than enough. Ultimately, you need to check the provisions against overall cost and then compare it to your needs and budget to determine which path is the best one for you.

There is no shortage of selection for business owners today looking to get the best list for their businesses. Make sure you've put in the research time before making a final decision, and the choice you make will secure your business transactions.

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