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When it comes to a bin database bin search provider, frequency and accuracy of updates go a long way in determining the overall usefulness.

That's why so many of these types of companies fail - they don't pay enough attention to the frequently shifting sands of the bin database numbers marketplace. To be effective,Guest Posting a company doesn't have to update their numbers every single day, but they should have some routines in place that ensure their customers are getting accurate information. Five companies that manage this task successfully are Bin2Country, BinBase, BinDataSet, ExactBins, and FraudAsset. Each follows their own set patterns. Which of these is the most effective to you may differ, but here's how they stack up in frequency.

Bin2Country and ExactBins

Bin2Country and ExactBins follow a similar pattern with ExactBins updating quarterly and B2C going one less at three times per year. The trade off here is that B2C offers around 30,000 more records than the other, but each prides itself in a different strength. EB supporters often point to the fact that you can get instant verification concerning whether it is a credit, debit, prepaid or gift card that you are dealing with while its competitor follows a looser set of parameters. Either way, updates come at the same pace, so you can expect the same level of accuracy with regard to what's there.

BinDataSet and FraudAssets

These two companies are very close in most of the surfaces they offer, and when it comes to update frequency, they are neck and neck. BDS and FA go at a rate of four times per year and use very strict parameters in determining that the information they deliver is up to date at all times. They are among some of the more highly valued companies on the market, but that doesn't mean one is better than the other or that either will better suit your needs than one of the cheaper options. Ultimately, you'll need to ask whether you're using all the services they offer to determine whether it's worth it or not.


When it comes to frequency of updates, BinBase is in a class all by itself. Now it bears repeating that this doesn't necessarily mean it's the superior service, just that it updates more frequently at a rate of six to eight times per year. The vigilance involved doesn't end there either as it is the only company that uses all 11 parameters in determining the legitimacy of its database. Some find this to be overkill, but you definitely get a lot of activity as far as updates are concerned.

With all these viable options on the market, you will need to take a look at your business and ask which one covers all your needs the best.

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