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Secure your website today with a high quality credit card BIN database and reduce fraudulent transactions.

Fraud can kill an online business as it adds unnecessary cost to the business. This can be prevented with the use of a quality BIN database.

A quality database shares a few common characteristics. It should have a large number of records. Most vendors selling such databases have at least two hundred thousand records in the database. The better ones have over two hundred and fifty thousand. The better ones have over three hundred thousand records. What does having more data mean? Having more record sets means that when a search is performed,Guest Posting there is a higher chance that the database will find a match. Therefore, the larger the number of records, the tighter the verification.

A good database should also contain detailed information about a credit card. Just having a BIN number usually isn't enough. You should take extra steps to ensure that you can conduct checks against parameters such as credit card type, issuing organization, issuing country and more. By having more parameters, each credit card verification becomes a lot more secure and reliable.

Before buying a database, note that not all databases are created equal. Credit card type should be included in the database. When conducting our research, we are surprised to learn that some databases DO NOT contain credit card types. That means you won't know if the transaction is made with a credit card, a debit card, a gift card, or a prepaid card. Ideally, the database should contain all four credit card types for verification purposes.

Credit card BIN database vendors are usually rather tech savvy. We found that all vendors offer their databases in the popular CSV format. This is a common text based database format that most developers are familiar with. So installation should be easy. Some vendors, however, have gone a step further to offer an XML API version of the database. The API version will be most welcome by site owners and developers who do not wish to work directly with the database. They can query the database directly using the API and conduct credit card checks. Site owners also do not have to worry about updating databases if they choose the API route.

Finally, when it comes to price, there are several licensing options to choose from. You may choose to pay a one-time fee for the database. For updates, you can choose to pay later. You may also choose to pay for updates with a single payment. Some licensing models allow you to pay on a recurring basis. So should you choose the cheapest option?

That depends. When the security of the website is at stake, we recommend picking the solution with the best features and the most record sets.

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