Five Faux Pas Of Article Submission

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You have heard the talk about how helpful informational marketing can be to the needs of your website or blog, and it is certainly true.

You have also heard of something called an article directory,Guest Posting but you are not quite sure it's for you. After all, there are a lot of people out there using them, and how can you expect to get noticed when there are millions of articles available, many of which could deal with your subject? The truth is that these informational hubs are popular because they work. Nevertheless, you can hurt your efforts of being noticed if you engage in any of the following faux pas:

Hiring writers that do not know how to research. Many writers employ the black-hat tactics of stuffing articles with keywords to get better results, regardless of how coherent the body of text actually is. The practice may work for a day or two, but reputable search engines have gotten quite good at weeding through the chaff and stripping these pages from their ranks before they have a chance to do any good. Aside from angering the search engine gods, you also alienate your customer when you draw their interest with a catchy headline only for them to find your content is gibberish. Ask to see samples before you hire a writer, and more importantly, read those samples, so you know what you are getting in to.

Not proofing your copy before submitting. Do not trust that the articles you have ordered are the ones the writer has delivered. Any number of things can go wrong in the writing process, and communication is key to producing quality content. Nothing torpedoes a site quicker than misinformation, and refusing to take an active part in your article submission efforts is a big mistake, at least until the bonds of trust have been established between you and your provider.

Refusing to target where you submit. Do not simply throw a bunch of stuff against the wall. You waste your time and money by doing so. It is far better to target the few directories that can really get you the exposure you need. Then, go after them with reckless abandon, submitting as much as you can on a daily basis. It won't take long before your keywords and your information deliver big results.

Giving up too soon. Even though the right efforts will show significant results quickly, nothing happens overnight. The sales you want may not come right off, but pay attention to traffic and placement on your favorite search engines. Once that comes, the rest will fall into place.

To increase page rank, customer service should come first. And what better service is there for your customers than to deliver compelling words that help them in their daily searches?

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