How a Backlink Checker Can Help Improve Your Ranking

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Every online marketer knows the importance of article marketing in generating backlinks,Guest Posting boosting page ranking and online visibility. Backlinks are needed if you want your site to get high ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. And it is not enough to have backlinks; it is best that the backlinks come from high popularity sites. This is because Google and other search engines reward quality backlinks more than it considers quantity. Search engines have detected in the past that some web marketers cheat by buying a large quantity of backlinks from link farms for a really cheap price. And this is what prompted the search engines to put more weight on the quality of backlinks to make sure that they are natural links and are not bought or coming from malicious and non-authority sites.  


In order to ensure that your site is getting the backlinks expected, an online tool known as the backlink checker may be used. This is a utility tool that tells you the number of inbound links that are coming to your website. A backlink check tool can run a series of tests that will count how many backlinks are pointing to your website. Some also features additional tool functions like determining anchor text usage, Page Rank of the source of backlink or other warnings related or pertinent to each individual link. 


A web marketer will find using backlink checker useful in finding out the backlink’s quality and relevance by analyzing the websites from where the backlinks originate. If the backlinks came from high Page Rank websites, your site is essentially increasing the opportunity to be ranked high by search engines. If on the other hand, the backlinks are coming from low Page Rank websites, chances are, the search engines will hardly notice your site. By all standards, the best sources of quality backlinks are “.gov” or “.edu” websites. However, web marketers know that it is not easy to obtain backlinks from these two authorized sites.


The backlink check tool can help a web marketer assess his backlink building efforts and if the efforts are directed to the right course to achieve the desired ranking. With this tool, you are able to identify the backlinks your site is receiving – if they are increasing or decreasing and depending on the result, you can at least see if you can expect any movement on your page ranking. If the indicators are showing that there are less backlinks coming in but they are coming from quality websites, backlink building efforts should stick to the methods use which are showing that they are effective in obtaining quality inbound links. On the other hand, efforts should be directed to get backlinks from quality and authorized sites, if the backlink check tool indicated that more links are from low PR sites. 


In the same manner, a web marketer can use the backlink checking tool to determine the quality and quantity of backlinks received by his competitor. This would also help you understand what is lacking in your backlink building strategies. As you will be able to have access on the results of a backlink check of your competitor’s site, you will have the idea of what needs to be done on your site to achieve the target ranking.  

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