How to Play Scrabble on the internet

Feb 18


Tony Shepard

Tony Shepard

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Scrabble is one of the most popular board games of all time, and is quickly becoming one of the more popular internet games to play among friends and ...

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games of all time,How to Play Scrabble on the internet  Articles and is quickly becoming one of the more popular internet games to play among friends and challengers. A player can use facebook or other avenues to find friends or challenegrs to play on the internet. The basic premise of scrabble remains the same on the interet as it was on the board game: using a selection of seven letters drawn at random from a bag of one hundred letters, the player needs to use two or more of those letters to create a word on the board. By clicking, or selecting, the letters the player would then drag the letters to the desired box on the board and release it to form their word. The opposing player must then use one or more of the letters of the existing word to create their own word. Each letter that is used requires another letter from the bag of one hundred until they are gone. For example: if a player spells "HOUSE," and they use five letters, then they get another five letters at random. Certain letters are designated certain points based on how common they are used in the English language. For example: the letter 'A' or the letter 'E' are worth one point each, while letters like 'Q' and 'X' are worth ten points each.The point system, like the board game, involves specific squares color coded to indicate a double letter, triple letter, double word, or triple word score. If you are able to get a letter or form a word on these squares, the sum of your points will double or triple accordingly. There are a few options if a player finds themself stuck without a place to form a word with their letters. First, the player can click the "pass" button along the bottom of the screen/board, or they can click the "exchange" button. When they select "exchange," the player can pick one or all of their seven letters by clicking on them, then clicking "exchange." Those letters will be dropped back into the bag and will be replaced by other letters, but the player will lose their turn. If a player uses all seven of their letters, that is a scrabble, and they get an additional fifty points.Once the bag runs out and the players near the end of the game, the object at the end is to use all of your letters before the other player. If you use your letters before the other player, you then receive the points from the letters the other player still has. Of course, whoever has the higher point total at the end of the game will be the winner. On the internet version, the winner then has the option of selecting a rematch. There are several hints to improve scores on scrabble. On the internet version, there is a teacher button at the bottom which shows you your point total, and then what word you could have possibly put on the board to maximize your points. As for the gameplay itself, make sure to try and form a letter on one or more of the color-coded boxes to double or triple word and letter point totals. Players should also, if available, try and form multiple words from their letters each time by attaching letters parallel to letters on the board.Playing scrabble on the internet follows the basic premise of playing scrabble on the traditional board game. However, there are a few other options and advantages to playing the online version, including but not limited to the ability to play with anyone anywhere in the world who has internet access.Continuing to sharing the wealth of knowledge are your, happy to help you, links. Check them out.

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