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Turning a web page into a hard cash making investment is something that everyone is trying, with varying degrees of success.

For every Google that uses contextual advertising to garner success,Guest Posting there are a million other web pages that never earn a dime. Ultimately, the management of the web page is to blame for its successes and its failures. But no matter what, you will need to incorporate revenue streams into your business plan if you hope to need any success at all. And when you do that, contextual advertising should be a central component of your revenue making activities. The reasons that contextual advertising works are many.

1. Goes in line with web content.

The biggest reason why contextual advertising is a success internet is that it scans the contents of the web page and delivers highly targeted ads based on the reason the user is there in the first place. Web content, as such, is vital to the growth of revenue, so if you are not producing quality keyword rich content, then this method of revenue generation will do you little good. The reason many of these campaigns fail is not because of the campaign itself, but because of the utter lack of content that many web pages suffer from. At first, content is frequent and good, but as time lags on, enthusiasm wanes, and before you agree it, a site hasn't made an update in weeks, thus sending their traffic to rival web pages.

2. Tickles the purchasing bone at the right time.

Aside from being relevant to the content of the web page, contextual advertising campaigns tickle the purchasing bone of the reader at the right time. More and more campaigns need moved to placing contextual ads right there in the middle of the text, and while a little may find it obtrusive, the practice has historically gotten results. In other words, sites that make use of these ads earn more than sites that never, 100 percent of the time.

3. Gives the consumer added value.

People use the WWW primarily to gather information and value. Contextual ads may be vilified as "just other form of advertising," but the reality is the ads are targeted in a way that adds value to the web page user's experience. They do not detract or take away because they give the user a direct portal to a merchandise or service that can enhance what he's learning from the web page itself.

Contextual advertising is here to stay, because it works. If you are running a web page, and you want that web page to generate revenue, then you cannot afford to ignore what this type of campaign can do for you. Rather than fight it, give in, and reap the benefits.

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