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One of the prices of "leadership" in any industry is criticism.  Here's  a question for you...

When spectators watch a race,Guest Posting where do they focus their attention? On the front-runners! VERY few people pay any attention to those who are not in the lead or "out of the running." Those who are viewed as being out of the running are often ignored or dismissed....
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...But when you're "out in front" and "ahead of the crowd," everything you do attracts attention. Plain and simple.
I  knew when I released The Vegas Nightmare it would soon become the leading Sports Information system in the entire industry...and that is exactly what's happened. This didn't happen overnight. This is years in the making and more money invested than most can imagine.
Naturally, our competitors or “Insiders” aren't real happy. How could they be? Some are even downright jealous...and that's actually pretty sad.
We knew if we wanted to "be" the leaders, we would need to get used to criticism, because when you are extremely successful, you WILL be criticized. Plain and simple.
Certain people will always find something to be unhappy about. Those are the ones you want to stay FAR away from and people you never, EVER want to go into business with.
We hope that we were able to  answer all of your questions and want you to know that we have a spot for you to join the thousands of people (Just like you)  that are taking sports trading seriously. 
Should you decide to take interest in this revolutionary market place, you are just one click away..
Best of Luck to you!Sheldon Graham
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Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success!

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