Signs Of A Quality Card Bin Database

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A card bin database can help your business be more secure in its plastic transactions, and as a result get paid quicker and produce more revenue.

It doesn't matter whether you run an eCommerce website or a brick and mortar store,Guest Posting your ability to take credit card transactions greatly enhances the capabilities of your business to perform. But not everyone who tries to sell you on their bin database search functions will be capable of providing the kind of dependability that you need. That's why it is highly important when doing your research to hone in on these types of characteristics.

1. An extensive database of records.

ExactBins is one of the up and comers in the card bin database market, but with 190,000 records, they are still considered "small." Of course, that doesn't make them ineffectual, but it gives you some idea - a benchmark, if you will - for what to expect from a company that tries to gain your business. Some of the bigger companies like FraudAssets and BinDataSet offer nearly twice as much as what EB does. Whoever you end up going with should seek to expand their database - all three are - and should make frequent updates to improve the overall legitimacy of their product.

2. Affordable services.

During a recent comparison of five of the most popular companies - FraudAssets, BinDataSet, BinBase, Bin2City, and ExactBins - a wide variety of prices were found with FA being the most expensive at around $1,200 for initial database setup and $300 per year maintenance. The cheapest was B2C, which costs around $150 per year to maintain following an initial purchase price of $250. The other options were somewhere in between. Bottom line, even at the most expensive option, it shouldn't cost very much to upkeep the accuracy of your list. Around $25 per month after the first year and $100 per month for that initial year is all you should expect to pay for quality.

3. Stringent parameters.

Different companies will base their verifications on different parameters with the fewest around three and the most as much as 11. Out of the companies mentioned above, BinBase goes further than anyone else in ensuring the accuracy of their 234,000+ records. If you are looking for a company to take care of your plastic transactions by helping you to avoid fraudulent activity, then you should first check under which parameters they operate.

With these qualities in place, it can still be difficult deciding the best company for you. Before making a final decision, go back to what you know the best - your business. Ask what you need the service for, and weigh that against your ongoing costs to determine the best value.

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