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What are you doing to make your web site a more inviting and advanced place for the people, who frequent you each day, and for those about to discover what you're all about? With the web changing at as rapidly of a rate as technology itself, it is important to stay on top of the value added features that you can deliver to the people that may come across your site, and the ones, who are already there.

Website upgrading and adding in more new features can continue to make your site relevant,Guest Posting even as the times change at a more frequent rate. Here are some of the features that you may wish to make a part of your site to add to the sense of community and deliver a product that far exceeds what your competition is already offering:

1. Podcasting

Think about who your audience is. Chances are they are sick of hearing the same 12 songs on their local radio station 15 times per day. They want more choices of what to listen to, and they never want to submit to a pricey subscription plan to looking the content they desire. By giving your visitors a weekly podcast they can listen to on the way to and from work, you are able to take your site beyond the Internet itself and into the direct and personal lives of those, who keep you afloat in the search engine rankings. Be careful, though. Podcasting for the sake of podcasting will looking you deleted from the playlist quickly. Need something valuable to share whether it's information or entertainment.

2. Comment rankings

Too often poorly thought out or intentionally combative comments can be the death of your site dialogue and send users back into the lurking mode. Sites looking popular because of community involvement and word of mouth. By adding in comment rankings, where users can rank and assign value to the comments that are being pushed to the top, you can do a better job of policing your site's comment sections and turning it in to a valuable place for interaction rather than a meaningless foray into off-topic arguments.

3. Videos

Another way to connect with your audience is to start airing videos. If you run a service-based web site, then instructional videos for do it yourself activities work great. If there is a topic you have a passion for, you may wish to consider starting a commentary. However you want to tackle your video presentation is up to you. It's just important that you think of more ways you can help the public to identify with who you are and what you believe.

With these and other upgrades, you can continue to give your users the experience they deserve.

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