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A criminal defense lawyer is defined as a law practitioner that specializes in defending individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct. In Louisiana,Guest Posting those who are charged of committing criminal offense, to wit, deliberate incorrect usage of insurance billing codes, Medicare fraud, violations on Clean Water Act or dumping illegal waste in protected Louisiana waters, and drug charges may need to consult with criminal defense lawyers in order to know what necessary steps or actions need to be taken in such event or situation. And it is extremely important that such consultation is made immediately after being charged because that will allow the defense lawyers more time to check all available defense options.


While it is a scary experience to be charged with a crime, the fact that every individual is given the chance to defend and prove his innocence, an experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney should be able to make the situation feel lighter by providing the accused with valuable information about the different options they have in defending the case. The criminal defense attorney will make sure that the basic rights of the accused will be protected and defended under the criminal justice system. The defense lawyer will ensure that the accused or charged obtains a fair and speedy trial pursuant to the provisions of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The lawyer will guide the accused in every stage of the criminal proceedings in order for the accused to be able to make well-informed decisions.


The criminal defense lawyer will provide hope and help to criminal defendants in the form of expert legal advice on:

·         Procedures and accompanying rules of the criminal justice process

·         How to minimize the risks faced by the accused

·         How to plan a defense geared towards achieving a positive case outcome – dismissal or acquittal


The following misdemeanor charges and crimes and felony offenses are covered by the services of a Louisiana criminal defense attorney, including but not limited to DUI or DWI, traffic violations, fraud, theft, drug-related charges, forgery, aggravated assault, sexual assault, domestic violence, and juvenile offenses. Depending on the nature of the criminal charge and severity of the crime committed, the Louisiana defense lawyer will discuss possible scenarios and defense strategies that could possibly reduce the conviction if not totally dismiss the case.


The criminal defense lawyer will initiate a private and independent investigation as this would bring results that will counter the allegations of the investigating officers at the time of the crime or incident. This is a standard practice where the independent investigation results are used to counter-attack the prosecution’s case. By doing this, the criminal defense attorney is able to establish a level playing field for both the accuser and the accused. The defense lawyer will represent the accused in court, explain the available legal options, negotiate a plea bargain if necessary and if deemed as a better option, and defend the accused in court during the criminal trial. It is the criminal defense lawyer’s job to protect the constitutional rights of the accused and ensure access to fair trial. 


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