Immigration Lawyer: Types Of Visas Available

Feb 28


Alfred Ardis

Alfred Ardis

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With the help of an immigration lawyer, an individual can gain access to the United States for a variety of reasons. It isn't always easy to determine which visa is needed for someone's specific situation. Legal representation can cut back on the time it takes to decide and apply for the necessary paperwork.

Visiting the United States or becoming a permanent resident can be achieved with assistance from an immigration lawyer. Often the paperwork is tedious and the process to gain approval can be time consuming. In some situations,Immigration Lawyer: Types Of Visas Available Articles a person doesn't have the time to wait for the application to go through the usual channels. Legal representation provides people with an opportunity to get things handled in a timely fashion, usually with a favorable outcome. Here are just a few of the visas available for people coming into the United States.

Tourists and Business Opportunities:
For individuals wanting to visit the United States for less than six months, a B2 visa is the answer. This is one of the most common visas offered to visitors. It also includes those coming to the US for medical treatment.

The B1 visa is used for individuals looking to come to the US for business purposes. This is not a permanent situation and the stay is only temporary. In the case of the tourist and business visas, an immigration lawyer can get the process handled smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Every year, students come to the United States to attend a college or university. A separate visa is required to attend high school in the states. Special programs often facilitate the transition for individuals looking for educational opportunities. There is another separate visa required to be a part of a foreign exchange program. An immigration lawyer could ensure that all information is readily available to speed up the process of acceptance.

A person looking to work temporarily in the US is considered a nonimmigrant. He or she will still need a specific visa that is based on the type of work being done. Often a potential employer will work to get a person through the application and approval process. Companies often look to an immigration lawyer to help bring workers over for temporary assistance.

Permanent Immigrants:
To become a permanent resident of the United States, a special visa is required. There are different forms and steps that need to be completed to gain acceptance. In most cases, it is necessary for a person to be sponsored by a family relative that is a citizen of the US, to have their application accepted.

Depending on the family relationship, they could be a potential limit to the number of people that are allowed this type of visa each year. An immigration attorney understands that in these situations, time is of the essence and the work needs to be completed quickly to ensure that a person makes it through to consideration.

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