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Ensuring that follow guidelines when submitting your site to article directories that will give you a better chance of getting article approved. Article Title, Article Body, Author Resourse Boxes, Content, E-mail, Others etc..

• Article Body:
Few article directories allow one link in article body but Most of article directories reject articles with links in the body. so properly check guiedline before submiting your article.
Your article body must contain from 500 to 4,Guest Posting000 words.
Don't put the Copyrights or Reprint Rights statement into your article body. Put them into the Resource box instead. Don't include the same active link into the article body more than once.
Don't submit duplicate identical URLs.
Don't include images, HTML tags and too many hard line breaks into your article body. Split your article body into paragraphs in order readers can easily read and understand it.

• Author Resourse Box:
Don't make too many links to your website in article. Most of article directories allow maximum 2 links per article in the author resource box. Make sure you take proper care of that in order to obtain maximum links with good anchor texts.
You can include the author bio, the Copyrights or Reprint Rights statement and website description into the Resourse Box.
Don't include URLs that have a pornography, or adult-oriented content.

• Article Summary:
The article summary must contain 2-5 sentences describing what your article is about.
You use the first paragraph of your article as the article summary.
Don't include HTML tags, any promotional information, Author Name, any links in your Article Summary.

• Article Title:
To get maximum benefit from major search engine you can frequently change your articles title with diffrent article directories to target your keyword.
Don't write your article title in ALL CAPS. Capitalize only the first letter of every major word in the article title.
Don't put a period at the end of your article title.
Don't repeat your article title in the article body.
Don't include HTML tags, Author Name and too many keywords in your article title.

• Content:
Articles must contain at least 450 words and offer some valuable and useful content.

• E-mail:
To minimize spam trouble, you could set up a separate email account to receive mail from the directories.

• Keywords:
Add a minimum of 3-5 keywords for your article. A maximum of 25 keywords is allowed.
Separate your keywords with a comma.
Don't include the keywords that do not relate to the content of your article.

• Article Category:
Submit your article to the sub-category relevant to the theme of your article.
Don't submit your article to the top category.
We reserve the right to change your article category or subcategory if it was submitted to an inappropriate category (subcategory).

• Author Name:
Author Name must have a First name and a Last name. Some of article directories don't allow author name as the use of the company name, the email address, religious titles and adjectives, nouns or descriptors as a part of your author name.

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