3D Photoshop Actions - Here Is Our Take

Apr 5


Brian Garvin

Brian Garvin

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Find out if 3D Photoshop Actions is right for you at this time. Learn about 3D Photoshop Actions and enjoy this informative article.

3D Photoshop Actions is a product created by Ben Clemons and Josh Fuller. The purpose of it is to allow you to create awesome looking ebook covers in many different shapes without you having to understand much about graphic design. All it requires is that you have a copy of Adobe Photoshop. These days you really can't hide from either becoming a graphic designer or hiring one to get your Internet Marketing Products off the ground.

It's obvious by looking at the graphic samples in their sales letter that Ben and Josh really know graphics well. I have a copy of Adobe Photoshop myself so it temps me to buy this product,3D Photoshop Actions - Here Is Our Take Articles since each product I launch costs me about $400 in graphic costs. If I bought a copy of this I could probably slash that price down to $200.00 so I'm glad I came across this site.

Included with 3D Photoshop Actions are a series of Photoshop Action Scripts. They also include over 2000 sales page graphics and what I like about the course is their 2 part video tutorial series. The advantage of this product is that if you are into PLR you can do most of the conversions yourself without the need to outsource the work to a graphic designer. This can kill some people in the PLR Business before they even get off the ground.

The one thing I don't like about the product is that they don't have the same action scripts for header graphics and banners. So from this perspective I think the product has some ways to go to improve the quality. I mean if they had this I could literally dump my graphic designer all together. But some is better than none, and I truly feel they have a great product here, and the testimonials on this website are honest and genuine.

3D Photoshop Actions does offer a full year money back guarantee. I have a feeling that the videos cover what you need to know to be able to put these killer ebook covers together without any more help. Another benefit is you can open up your own ecover service business and start selling ecovers to other people. They won't even know how easy you are creating them. So overall I would recommend this product, but hopefully they will add header graphics and banners into their product in the future.

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