From Portable Exhibits To Custom Construction: Surveying The Variety of Trade Show Exhibits

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With so many trade show exhibits to choose from, picking the perfect display can be difficult. Learn the difference between the many models and understand each one's pros and cons.

Technology has advanced since the days of the first convention,Guest Posting and trade show exhibits have advanced with it. There are now many different styles of displays to consider, many of them with unique functions or special design elements. From pop-up displays to kiosks and banner stands to custom booths, understanding the differences and similarities in these styles will help you choose the best structure for your exhibition needs.

Small Scale: Kiosks And Banner Stands

Banner stands are the original portable exhibits option. They have been around for years, but the technology to support them has become increasingly advanced. The idea behind a banner stand is that it offers a highly mobile lightweight design, while still projecting a strong and defined image. Banner stands are very light and compact, typically designed to be moved and set up by one person. They are also highly customizable, able to accommodate almost any specification.

Kiosks take the idea of a banner one step further. They act as a freestanding island, capable of supporting something with more weight than a simple fabric or plastic sign. They often employ some elements that would be found on larger portable exhibits, such as laminate paneling for displaying text or images. Kiosks may also have a stronger structure which allows integration of media.

Kiosks and signs are usually used as accent pieces. They are often found adding visual interest inside of larger structures, or, in the case of kiosks, providing media centers that visitors can access. They are not typically used alone because their relatively small size makes them less effective than larger portable exhibits.

Large Scale: Portable Exhibits Vs. Custom Designs

Outside of accessory pieces, there are a myriad of choices involved for actual trade show exhibits. These can be large or small, custom-made or stock, modular or fixed. Display size is not something you can typically control; you are limited first by the space you have allocated at the event, and should always ensure that you will meet all space restrictions. Beyond that, you have tremendous freedom to choose among many different booth designs.

Modular options are typically off-the-shelf styles and require minimum customization by you. They're also less expensive because they are basically a pre-made skeleton, which can be easily fleshed out with your custom text and graphics. They can also be rearranged at will, providing a dynamic new look without additional spending. However, they can be limiting and may not be as sturdy as custom-built options. If your company requires a very sturdy frame, a fully modular setup may not be the best option. Examine structural needs with your company before making any purchases.

Custom units are generally the most expensive options, but also provide the best results. Custom trade show exhibits are completely unique to your company, designed from the ground up. However, they may be difficult to set up and might not be easily reconfigured for other events.

Choosing The Best Trade Show Exhibits

Ultimately, the best choice booth design will depend on what you're looking to get from your presence. If you need to make a strong impression, choose a custom design. If you need a versatile and budget-friendly option, modular displays with kiosks or banner stands will work well. Remember, a custom display can also have the versatility of a modular unit - you can simply ask that it be designed to do so.

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