Hospital Marketing Strategies -- Using Google Alerts To Enhance Your Hospital Industry Marketing Cam

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Setting up Google Alerts is just one of the successful hospital marketing strategies a hospital marketing services agency uses. This article shows how you can enhance the effectiveness of your hospital industry marketing campaign by setting up these free email alerts. 

Google Alerts is an incredibly useful tool that can help you maximize the success of your hospital industry marketing campaigns. By signing up to receive emails from Google Alerts whenever someone mentions your hospital on websites,Guest Posting blogs, online news outlets, and more, you'll have a simple way to stay on top of what people are saying about your hospital, your patients, and even your competitors. 
As far as hospital marketing strategies go, this free alert service is extremely valuable and will help you shape your brand and image as you learn what's working, what's not, and what people are talking about. This article looks at how a hospital marketing services agency sets up Google Alerts that allow them to manage winning campaigns for their clients, so you can do the same for your hospital.
Choosing Your Alert Terms
When setting up your free alerts, you have a number of options for choosing terms that enhance your hospital marketing strategies. 
1. Domain Name - Set up a Google Alert using your home page domain address, but leave off the www. That way, you'll receive alerts where someone used your domain with the www. and those just using your actual domain (for example, In addition to setting up an alert for your home page, consider an alert for other interior pages of your website like your blog (for example, 
2. Hospital Name - Set up a Google Alert using your hospital name. When adding your hospital name to your alerts list, put it in quotation marks (for example, "Your Hospital"). The quotation marks let Google know you only want alerts containing the entire phrase. Without the quotation marks, you'd receive email alerts anytime the word 'your' or 'hospital' appears online. That's too many irrelevant alerts to sort through on a daily basis!
3. Personal Name - If you have any specific doctors or prominent figures within your hospital, you may want to set up a Google Alert for them as well. Make sure you use quotation marks.
4. Specific Titles - If your hospital publishes articles, a magazine, a newsletter, books, or any other type of special title, set up Google Alerts using the titles in quotation marks so you can track them online.
5. Keyword Phrases - Setting up alerts for special keyword phrases is a great way to stay up on what's happening in your industry.
6. Your Competition - You aren't limited to using Google Alerts to just find out what people are saying about you online, you can also track your competition with email alerts.
Different Types Of Google Alerts
You have several options when it comes to setting up your free Google Alerts, including the type of content you're looking for and how narrowly you want to focus. Consider signing up for the following alerts so you receive email notification whenever anyone mentions your domain, hospital, personal names, specific titles, keyword phrases, or your competition.  
1. Everything2. News3. Blogs4. Realtime5. Video6. Discussions
Join In On The Discussion
Once you start receiving Google Alerts, it's time to take action. Decide which discussions you want to join in on and be proactive in addressing complaints and concerns. Using Google Alerts just like a hospital marketing services agency is a simple, professional, and extremely beneficial way to increase the effectiveness of your hospital industry marketing campaigns. 

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