Making Wedding Receptions Fun

Aug 30


Alfred Ardis

Alfred Ardis

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 When planning wedding receptions, some brides forget about making it a little fun for their guests.

If you have been to many weddings in your lifetime,Making Wedding Receptions Fun Articles you know that wedding receptions can be either a blast, or one of the most boring parties of your life. It is all in how the bridal party plans it. If you are planning a reception, make sure you add some special touches to make it a fun event for your company.

Give Them Time to Play

Find a way to encourage your guests to play, but avoid the over-used party games. If you are going to have a dance, then consider having a quick ballroom dancing lesson. You can also give them disposable cameras to use to take pictures during the reception. Then, they can turn in the camera to you and you will have a collection of candid shots of your guests, and they will have fun trying to capture funny moments for you.

Consider the Kids

If you will have kids of your guests, or even your own flower girls, attend the reception, give them a place to be kids. Coloring pages, small toys, and kid-sized tables encourage your smallest guests to enjoy themselves, and also free the parents from feeling like their kids are making the reception difficult.

Encourage Interaction

One of the difficulties of wedding receptions is the fact that many of the people who come to support you do not necessarily know each other. You can help them break the ice by encouraging interaction. One way to do this is to encourage them to talk about you or your spouse. You can create stickers that they can wear indicating what others can ask. For instance, “Ask me about the bride as a child!” could be given to a childhood friend.

Pick Fun Music

Sure, weddings are serious, somber occasions, but you need to have some fun. Pick fun music that will appeal to most, if not all, of your guests. Avoid too many slow, somber songs, or too many trendy songs that the older people who attend may not know.

Make a Skit

If you have an outgoing member or two in your bridal party, consider asking them to make a funny skit about the two of you. This can open up the party and make people feel at ease, and also help them learn more about the two of you. It can also help make the atmosphere of the party less formal.

Choose Thank You Gifts Well

It is customary to give thank you gifts to your guests at the reception. Consider these gifts well. If they are something that your guests can enjoy during the reception, then you might make the reception a bit more fun. Candies, for instance, that they could munch while waiting for food can make wedding receptions a bit more bearable. Try to put yourself in you guests’ shoes when making decisions about what to buy as thank you gifts. If you would enjoy the gift at someone else’s reception, then it may be a good choice. If not, then you might want to choose something else to make it a bit more fun.

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