Newport Beach Photographer Offers Suggestions for Shooting Engagement Shots at the Balboa Fun Zone.

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Newport Beach Photographer offers suggestions for those doing a session at the Balboa Fun Zone.

In the city of Newport Beach,Guest Posting off of the Balboa Peninsula, in can be find The Balboa fun Zone. This is a location favorite for many Orange County wedding photographers (professional or otherwise) when shooting an engagement session. This article offers some suggestion for shooting successfully at this location.

  1. There is a wide variety of excellent locations from which to shoot. However, a good place to start is on the beach. Take all of the traditional beach shots. Try and get some shots of the pier in the background. You may want to do this step last if you plan on any shots of the couple actually getting in the water.
  2. Next go onto the pier. About halfway out, you will find an old bench with a machine for viewing the scenery. Put the couple on the bench facing the ocean. Take a step back and shoot them kissing with a wide angle. You should be able get the couple at the center and still be able to see the ocean, beach and pier.
  3. Have the future bride step up on the viewing machine. Instruct the future groom to look on in awe at her beauty.
  4. Back at the amusement part of the zone, try and find the red fence. This fence is a great color to photograph someone who is wearing something white. The contrast is fantastic.
  5. You should be able to find the mural with a beach scene painted on it. Ask the couple to face you in front of the mural holding hands. This creates the artistic affect of putting them inside the scene.
  6. There is another mural that has a few women on the beach with their right leg kicked up into the air. Ask the future bride to imitate the stance and again have the future groom looking on adoringly.
  7. The Fun Zone has a retro 50ish feel. When you are preparing your client on dress, keep that in mind. Old jeans (or should I say faded jeans) and a t-shirt for the men and a simple dress with a sash for the women will fit in with this awesome engagement location.

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