Talking Dirty Tips: Spice Up Sex Through Dirty Talk

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All couples need to learn how to spice up sex, especially those who have been married for a long time. One way to have better sex lives is through dirty-talking. In this article, you’ll find talking dirty tips that really work.

A good tool to spice up sex is to engage in bed talk,Guest Posting or dirty talk. If you’re too shy to talk sexily to your partner in bed, better learn the following talking dirty tips and employ them so you’ll know how to talk dirty, thus, you’ll be able to make your sex life hotter:

1st step: Do some thinking and answer these questions:

A.    What are the things your lover does that arouse you? What are the things you do, on the other hand, that drive your man or your girl crazy?

B.    What things would you want your partner to do to you during love making?

C.    How will you describe your experience when you’re making love with your lady or your guy?

You can use these questions and your answers to them as a guide to dirty talk.

2nd step: Start formulating the things you want to say in order to spice up sex.

Once you’ve come up with answers to the questions enumerated above, part of talking dirty tips is to use those answers to formulate what you’ll say in bed. For instance, if you enjoy neck and collarbone kisses from your lover, tell him or her how you feel while he or she is doing those e.g. ‘I love it when you kiss me there.’ Part of how to talk dirty is informing your wife/spouse of what you enjoy while he or she is doing the actual deed.

3rd step: Get some inspiration.

If you really aim to spice up sex by engaging in bed talk, it is also a good idea to get inspiration. How? Well, one of the talking dirty tips you can utilize is to actually watch a few porn movies, or watch sexy movies, then, take inspiration from the bed talk done by the actors. Reading a guide to dirty talk (an e-book, a tutorial, etc) is also highly recommended.

4th step: Try to practice talking sexily.

Another advice on how to talk dirty is to practice bed-talking. Remember that it is important to sound natural as well as sincere whenever you talk to your partner in bed. Practicing in front of a mirror is a good idea. Of course, using a huskier voice while having sex is also recommended. Again, practicing that husky voice is a must for you to be able to spice up sex.

5th step: Never over do it.

Included in talking dirty tips is for you to avoid talking too much. Commenting about every single thing your husband or your wife does to you while making love can really kill the mood. Each and every guide to dirty talk will tell you that less is always more when it comes to sexy talk.

Remember that part of how to talk dirty is also considering your comfort level and confidence level with your loved one. If it’s your first time having sex with someone, it may be best to postpone talking-dirty. Once you’ve established a ‘strong bond’ and are more comfortable with each other, you can start to spice up sex by bed-talking. By keeping in mind the talking dirty tips found in this article, you can expect a more enjoyable and more pleasing sex life.

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