Women From Thailand And The Culture With Which They Were Raised

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Women from Thailand were brought up with certain beliefs and traditions.  This culture they were raised with must be understood by any man intending to marry them.

Dating and,Guest Posting ultimately, marrying women from Thailand (or practically any woman whose culture is different from yours) require that you familiarize yourself with their culture.  Understanding their traditions will help ensure smooth flow and success of the relationship.  The Position Of Women In Thai SocietyThai women, just like women of other cultures, hold a position in the society they grew up with.  This position will let you know what behavior to show and possess.  Thailand basically is a Buddhist culture.  In such societies, women are inferior to men and do not share the same rights with men, even their husbands.  Thai women's participation in the society is not the same as that of western women's involvement.  Knowing what to expect when you marry the Thai lady will prevent you from unnecessary disappointments. Sex In Thai CulturePeople raised in a Western society may regard sex as a casual and inevitable part of the relationship; whereby, men and women can engage in lovemaking even without the binds of marriage. The culture of people from Thailand is far from this point of view.  Sex before marriage is a taboo for Thai people. In Eastern societies such as in Thailand, people regard sex as very important and sacred that it should only be done within the binds of marriage.  A Thai man would want to be the first man for the girl. A Thai woman would like to be the last woman for the guy. Public Display Of AffectionSome people are openly showing their love for one another even when they are in a public place. Traditionally, Thai culture, on the other hand, disapproves of this. If you are in a relationship with one of their females, you have to restrain yourself from even holding her hands while you are seen in public.  While some boys can casually spend the night in his girlfriend's house, a Thai boy cannot do so, unless he is with other people or friends. Nonetheless, Thai society may now be influenced by teenager's exposure to media and internet. Some of them may now be following the norm of western cultures in terms of showing their affection freely.  Obligations To The FamilyYou have probably heard about the adage that says whoever your loved person loves; you should also learn to love. This is a principle that many Thai women may also believe in. This simply means that you marry not just the woman, but also her family. The family of your chosen Thai woman will expect that you will extend your love, care and concern to them.  This practice applies on whether or not the Thai girl married a foreigner or a Thai man. Likewise, if a poor man marries a wealthy woman; his family will also expect the same.  Sin Sod Or DowryIt is a fundamental aspect of Thai society and culture. This is a gesture honoring the bride's family for bringing up your chosen woman well.  The dowry can also be viewed as a representation of how financially able a man is in looking after his chosen bride, an indication of his wealth. On average, an educated woman is expected to have a dowry worth $3,000-10,000.

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