3 Smart Strategies Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

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Is your marketing budget tapped-out? If so,Guest Posting sounds like you could benefit from smart strategies to generate free network marketing leads. From this moment on, you will never need to buy MLM leads. Which are rarely profitable anyway.

The basic problem with canned leads is major overuse. It is estimated purchased leads are sold on average from 5-7 times. In comparison, looks like free leads generated by you are a win/win situation, doesn't it? You won't pay up-front plus your computer cranks out fresh leads – even while you sleep!

Article Marketing – Smart Strategy #1

You will notice we did not try to fool you with words like "secret" or "unique". Nope, we simply advocate methods such as article marketing because they have been time-tested and proven to work. People who use article marketing report it is their best strategy for traffic generation of qualified, targeted prospects.

The concept couldn't be easier: Write an article about network marketing or your product. Post it on a free article directory. Get great leads.

Remember to effectively make use of the resource box by inputting links to your blog or website. Interested readers will visit your website for further information.

Since you're using a free article directory, your work is up for grabs by webmasters. Don't worry. That's a good thing. Anyone who posts your content on their website must include your resource box. This translates to additional, free network marketing leads.

The more articles you submit, the faster they will spread across the internet. Before long, you will start getting backlinks to your blog or main website. Not only will this generate free network marketing leads, the search engines adore articles containing backlinks and will move them up in rank.

Social Networking – Smart Strategy #2

Social Networking is blazing across the internet like wildfire. Write a few killer articles and a webmaster might "like" them enough to give you free exposure on one of the social networking sites. That's the best of both worlds – you'll get a free marketing person and more free network marketing leads!

That's not all! Sign up and put your profile on several social networking sites where millions of people visit daily. Take advantage of "friends" on these sites and start posting articles. If you currently have a blog, you can re-post your blog content. Link back to your blog and people will come.

The main idea behind article writing and social networking is to position yourself as an expert in your field. People will see you as successful and guess what – more free network marketing leads.

Blogging – Smart Strategy #3

Blogging is probably the simplest way to promote your brand and create free network marketing leads. There are several sites where you can set up a free blog and begin writing quality posts about network marketing.

This form of marketing allows you to incorporate your personal style into compelling content. Generally blog readers want information that solves a problem. You can establish yourself as their go-to person for truth in network marketing.

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