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Find out the truth about 5LINX and see if it's  the right opportunity for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the 5LINX Income Opportunity.

Whether you are interested in working at home and making a living or you are just looking to make a few hundred dollars in supplemental income,Guest Posting one of the opportunities that you are sure to come across is the one that is offered by the 5LINX company.  The 5LINX approach to business and communication is one that appeals to many small entrepreneurs who are just getting started, but what does it really offer?  There are many different points of view on the 5LINX opportunities and with a little bit more information you can figure out.

One thing in 5LINX's favor is that is up front about the fact that there are no returns guaranteed.  They openly admit that the money making potential is dependent on a individual representative's initiative and efforts.  While the numbers they offer are not terribly promising, the fact that they offer them up at all definitely is.  Their annual earnings statement is fairly down to earth. 

In one year, the average Customer Representative earns about 55 dollars, while an Independent Marketing Representative earns around 261 dollars.  There is a large jump when an individual attains the position of Executive Trainer and an even larger one more than ten thousand dollars when he position of Executive Director is mentioned.  The list tops out with Senior Vice President, at 236,904 dollars which most would think impressive. 

One imagines that at 5LINX, the company, like most if not all others, is structured like a pyramid, with a vast variety of people milling at the Customer Representative level and very, very few achieving the rank of Executive Trainer, let alone Senior Vice President.

The fact that 5LINX has not gone on to say how long people stay with the 5LINX group, or what kind of return they get out of it is a bit telling, but to be perfectly honest, is not necessarily unexpected.  5LINX Independent Representatives are actually forbidden from making statements about their earnings beyond the figures listed above, which constitutes an extra level of security for their marketing.

5LINX is known for fairly good tool use; signing on with 5LINX does connote a certain level of support which is hard to find in other, similar opportunities, and there are several testimonials that speak highly of the company.  In many ways, however, 5LINX is more than something of a dark horse when it comes to internet businesses.

It's history can not be easily discerned and it lacks the years of experience offered by similar companies.  While 5LINX  may make the grade and be one of the organizations that lasts indefinitely, there is still too little information about the company now to make a good decision either for or against it.

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