A Review of the Alive Worldwide Income Opportunity

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Find out the truth about Alive Worldwide and see if it's  the right opportunity for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the Alive Worldwide Income Opportunity.

Alive Worldwide is an income opportunity business that allows the individual to become apart of a matrix business.  Basically with Alive Worldwide you would be joining a company that offers a product to sell to many individuals.  It is considered an MLM company.  When you sign up for the Alive Worldwide income opportunity you are joining a 2x12 forced compressing matrix.  This means there are six levels to work through and earn bonuses by selling the companies products.  It works with a compensation plant that supposedly allows for a down line growth,Guest Posting payout, excitement, and team building.

In order to become apart of Alive Worldwide, you must purchase the product called Cheia Vida.  Once you have purchased the product, you can then sell it as part of the business.  Obviously, the more you sell and the more individuals you have to sign up with the Alive Worldwide, the more income you will be making.  You have to work your way up the matrix levels in order to succeed according to the site.  At the moment, Alive Worldwide is offering an opportunity to by-pass other levels of the matrix and be on the very top. 

Alive Worldwide works as a network marketing company.  You are supposed to market the product and you will own your business.  Alive Worldwide is just going to give you the tools and the product to start that business.  This means that you have to sell the product and market the product before you will make a success out of the business they are launching.  You will find that Alive Worldwide offers a compensation plan along with the matrix business solution.  This compensation plan offers six levels of pay with bonuses and online and offline retail for you to market. 

When you become apart of Alive Worldwide, according to the website you can choose five different options for income.  You can be apart of the 2x12 forced matrix, the fast start bonuses that allow you to get paid weekly, infinity bonuses of up to 14%, offline retail sales, and online retail.  According to Alive Worldwide the compensation plan is straightforward and allows you to support yourself and your family based off of the plan.

The product you would be selling for this matrix based business is Cheia Vida.  Alive Worldwide product Cheia Vida is a nutritional supplement with Acai Berry, Yerba Mate, Green Tea Leaf, Cha de Bugre, and Cinnamon Twig from the Brazilian Rain Forest.  When you join Alive Worldwide you would have to be able to promote this product and be able to sell it at a good cost.  According to the website the product is $32.95 for a single order and $29.95 for auto-ship.

To make the business with Alive Worldwide financially solvent you have to work within the matrix and market the product in all five ways of earning income to be successful.  You also have to work well in a team as some of the levels require sponsorship before you can start earning the bonuses. 

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