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Learn more about the Linea Pelle Fashion Collection Opportunity and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review on the Linea Pelle Fashion Collection Opportunity and make your final decision.

The Linea Pelle Fashion Collection website was registered in September 2003. The registrant contacts appear to be out of Van Nuys,Guest Posting CA. This company sells a variety of High End Fastion Accessories. Lets start out with the Handbags. They sell the Dylan Shoulder Bag, Alyssa, Janis and Lola handbags.

Next in the Linea Pelle Collection are some geniune leather women's belts. They sell fall belts, hip belts, vintage, versatile and celebrity belts. Then is the men's belts section. You can find studded, specials, press and pyramid studded belts as well as belt buckles. This store also sells various accessories such as keychain lights, buckles and leather cuffs.

The Linea Pelle Collection also have a whats new section. Here you will find many different items and almost each item starts at $100.00, just a couple items are under $100.00. You'll find stuff like hip Belts, Strand Cuffs, Double Wrap Bracelets and Folding Totes. Next is their more excited Celebrity Fashion section. Here you can click on any celebrity photo to view the products they offer in their store and that they sport all around town.

Finally they have a sales and special section which includes a little bit of everything we just mentioned. This website is pretty fancy and very well organized like you would expect an online Fashion Store to look like. Most of the products in the Linea Pelle Collection are run by flash and not static images.

Now as far as the Affiliate Program is concerned, it's not really an MLM, but technically it is. When 2 people purchase from the store you get $25.00 but this is a one time payment. This company runs their Affiliate Program from Commission Junction and Share A Sale, although they didn't specify how much they pay per sale.

A program like this wouldn't normally be reviewed by us, but for some reason we saw this company being promoted as a Network Marketing Opportunity and we already started the review so we figured why not finish it? I do say it could make a great Direct Marketing Opportunity if the Commission Junction EPC (Estimated Cost Per Click) is high, say over 50 cents.

If you have a love for fashion this could be a good niche for you to break into and the Linea Pelle store might be something you should consider promoting. Their price per product is very high so you'd get paid pretty decently per sale if they pay over 7%. Sometimes if you push a lot of extra sales volume the company owner can manually bump up your sales commissions, in some cases up to 15% so check it out.

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