Network Marketing Scheme vs. Pyramid Scam

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The first time you were exposed to a network marketing scheme,Guest Posting did warning flags pop-up in your mind? If you're like most people, you thought it would just be one more pyramid scam. Did your attention shut-down at the thought of losing yet more money to another bunch of crooks?

Would you be willing to entertain the possibility that network marketing is indeed legitimate? Could you open your mind a tiny crack if you knew there was an untapped potential to make big money with legitimate network marketing companies?

If you're among millions of unemployed Americans, you may need to re-invent yourself! If you're looking for a home-based business; if you love people and like helping people, network marketing may just be the answer.

The Systematic Plan of Action

If the word "scheme" turned you off, are you aware of its definition? Yes! A scheme is a systematic plan of action! Does this raise your comfort level?

Now, what do you see as your ideal home business? Would you enjoy promoting a real product that delivers on its promises? What if that product is something that people need? What if you could sell this real product that people need, which delivers on its promise, at a fair price? What if you could make serious money in the process?

If you could make money by your efforts alone, would you be interested in helping other people who are unemployed or want to start a home business?

You've just described a legitimate network marketing scheme! Of course, there are still scallywags out there peddling pyramid schemes. Their systematic plan of action is to take your money and run!

The Old Pyramid Scheme

Dishonest people push pyramid programs that beg you to take them on "trust". You must trust that your investment, usually a substantial amount of money, will boomerang back to you x 3, in some-kind-of magical way. You must trust false promises that guarantee overnight riches.

Of course the world doesn't work that way. In reality what happens is that the crooks take your money and pay you "dividends" in the beginning. Your dividends come from another person who trusted them. They'll stick around a little while moving money, like the old shell game, until – one day they vanish.

These actions are illegal. Any return on your initial investment is the result of another person falling into unscrupulous hands.

The new Network Marketing scheme plays fair. Everyone involved earns by their labor and efforts at helping other people earn. In this downward spiraling economy, the network marketing scheme is an ideal home business.

Network Marketing Scheme vs. Pyramid Scam

Chances are, you won't get rich overnight in network marketing! You will have a real opportunity to make serious money fast. Are you warming up to the possibility that here is a business model that just might work?

Just be mindful that illegal pyramid scams are alive and well. Don't get duped. Investigate the company, the product, the commission structure and the amount of upfront money required before making a final decision.

Finally, the network marketing scheme has a component that scammers aren't familiar with – Integrity!

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