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When a network marketer creates a blog,Guest Posting they'll usually create one of two types. First, there are network marketing blogs that are designed to entice new down line prospects. Second, there are network marketing blogs that are designed to instruct and inform current network marketers. Specifically, the second type of blog is designed to teach current network marketers how to be successful as an online marketer. Let's take a closer look at the two.

Blogs That Attract Network Marketing Prospects

It's in a network marketer's best interest to create a blog, in order to attract new down line prospects for several reasons. First, prospects are going to have lots of questions about the potential company they'll represent, the products they sell, and how it's possible to build a sustainable business online. An experienced marketer can answer all of these questions when they create a prospect generating blog. It's important for the marketer to create lots of informative content. It's also very important for the marketer to avoid using lots of industry jargon. The content must read well, and be engaging. In short, the content must entice the down line prospect to contact the marketer for more information.

A prospect generating blog can serve as a landing page, in order to capture email address information. It's very easy to set up an opt-in box on the blog. This way, the marketer can obtain the email addresses of their prospects, with the permission of their prospects! This is a very important aspect of creating an opt-in box on the blog. Why pay money for a lead list that contains information obtained without the consent of the prospect? These are a waste of time and money. A great strategy for a network marketer to use, is to create a small booklet or report. They can give this information away for free, as a reward to the prospect for volunteering their website information.

Blogs That Inform Current Network Marketers

Why would current network marketers want to read network marketing blogs? They do so, because an ambitious network marketer is always looking for ways to stay on top of their game, so to speak. An ambitious marketer is always looking for methods to make more money efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, there are lots of current network marketers who aren't successful online. Unfortunately, many new marketers receive little to no support from their up lines. If you can provide support and information to new marketers through your blog, they could become your new down line prospects. Finally, many marketers like to diversify their business opportunities. Many like to sell products in different industries, or they look to start selling in new industries other than their current industry.

Your blogs could inform, educate, and attract both new prospects and current marketers. Not only can you use your blog as a marketing and lead generation tool, but you can use your blog to establish yourself as an industry expert.

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