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Find out the truth about Stem Enhance and see if it is right for you at this time. Read our review of Stem Enhance and enjoy the article.

Stem Enhance is a new health supplement that may be something like a Fountain of Youth in capsule form if the product works the way its makers believe it does. Stem Enhance is made by the Stemtech company and is claimed to be the world's first,Guest Posting and only, scientifically verified and patented stem cell enhancer.

Within Stem Enhance are a patented natural 5:1 concentrate of an edible aquatic botanical called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) which in turn contains two proprietary components called Migratose and Mobiline.
AFA's mind-blowing rejuvenation powers was discovered by a team of scientists led by a neuroscientist named Dr. Christian Drapeau. How AFA and Stem Enhance work is simply to get more stem cells from the body's bone marrow released into the blood stream--a process that diminishes as we age, which is why (among other reasons) aging causes us to slowly fade and eventually kills us.

Drapeau and his team confirmed that bone marrow-derived stem cells are sent throughout our bodies and give crucial support to optimal tissue and organ functionality. Stem cells get released whenever our tissues or organs become stressed in some way, such as when we lift a heavy load or if something causes us tissue inflammation. When the stem cells arrive to the biological site via the bloodstream, they act to repair and rejuvenate the inflamed or stressed organ or tissues.
Children and young adults heal rapidly from common physical stressors and inflammation because their bodies are still flooded with stem cells. But the aging process takes its toll and by the time the average person is into their 40s the flood of bone marrow stem cells has been diminished significantly.

Now the stressors cause more and longer-lasting harm because there are fewer and lesser-quality stem cells coming to a site at any one time. Our body's energy diminishes as a result, and our entire being, including our mind, can be negatively affected.
Stem Enhance with its high AFA content re-stimulates that flow of powerful bone marrow-derived stem cells into our blood--essentially turning back the clock of aging. Research scientists conducted double-blind and placebo-controlled studies to prove this.

Stemtech claims "one gram or two capsules of Stem Enhance supports the natural release and therefore increase in the number of circulating stem cells by 25% according to a recent published scientific study. The suggested amount to consume is therefore two capsules once or twice a day."
Stem cells that are derived from bone marrow have never been shown to inspire or cause aberrant growth, although there have been some reported cases where the use of embryonic stem cells has done that. Therefore, the Stem Enhance product is as of now regarded as 100% safe if the proper dosage is taken. This has not been evaluated by the FDA because Stem Enhance is a dietary supplement; but the FDA does not have the best reputation for accuracy, anyway.
The Stemtech company currently markets Stem Enhance via an affiliate marketing program, so selling Stem Enhance can be a great financial opportunity as well as health and vitality enhancement. This is definitely a product worth checking into.

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