What's the Buzz Around The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing?

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When someone decides to get into the network marketing business,Guest Posting they will encounter a lot of information, and frankly, a lot of  misinformation.  Sadly, the amount of misinformation out there keeps veteran network marketers in a negative cashflow position. Or, this misinformation drives new network marketers not only away from the company, but away from network marketing all together.  Here is a look at 7 great lies of network marketing that perpetuates these scenarios, and makes network marketing look bad.

 1.  Everyone is a good prospect for what you have to sell:   First, understand that there are two ways for a network marketer to make money.  They sell products and services, and they recruit new sales people.  The fact is that not everyone is a good prospect for either sales result.  Not everyone might like what you have to sell.  Not everyone is cut out to be an independent sales person.  No matter what you might have heard, one of the 7 greatest lies of network marketing is that everyone is a potential prospect for what you have to sell.

2.  Everyone wants to get in on your opportunity:  This one is a whopper, of the 7 great lies of network marketing.  The fact is that not everyone wants to be a network marketer.  They certainly might not want your opportunity.  Bottom line, cut out the time wasters, and focus your efforts on those who truly do want your opportunity.

3.  You can motivate anyone to believe in your product or opportunity:  Not only is this not true, it's not your job to brainwash people, manipulate people, or to harass them into buying your product, or your opportunity.  This is one of the 7 great lies of network marketing that has ruined reputations, and relationships.

4.  When someone says "no," it really means, "I need more information."  Guess what?  Sometimes "no" means "NO!"  This isn't your queue to press on to break a person down into saying "yes." Even if you do manage to break a person down, they will feel preyed upon, resentful, and they won't buy from you again.  Worse, they'll spread a bad report about you and your company.

5.  When you use the right techniques to reach out to hew prospects, they will fall down for you and do whatever you say:  This is harmful when it comes to the 7 great lies of network marketing.  Bottom line, some people don't want what you are offering, and they don't want to hear what you have to say.  It doesn't matter if you can speak in 50 languages, and flatter them all day.  Do yourself a favor; don't waste your time with people who aren't interested.

6.  You're not selling, you're telling: Out of the 7 great lies of network marketing, this is an oldie but goodie.  Actually, this should be called a "goodie," because it's not true.  You are a sales person.  Sales of products and services keep the company legitimate, and growing.  Beyond this fact, you'll never learn how to master sales, if you are led to believe that you aren't selling.

7.  Build it, and they will come/a product sells itself:  This is two lies built into one.  The fact is that no matter how great of a product you have on your hands, without the right sales and marketing, no one will buy it.  No product sells itself.  Effective sales and marketing sells the product. There are no shortcuts in this area.

There are other lies out there, but these are 7 great lies of network marketing that persist, hold sales reps back, and that keep them poor and discouraged.

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