Habits of prosperity

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Habits of ... are ... you perform on a regular basis. Good habits to ... if you wish to attain success in your business ... each day alone, fully awake, with a perio

Habits of success

Habits are behaviours you perform on a regular basis. Good habits to cultivate if you wish to attain success in your business include:
•Start each day alone,Guest Posting fully awake, with a period of absolute silence and reflection. Use fifteen to thirty minutes to reflect upon the most significant problem you are facing at that time, to envision how you would like the day to go, and to remind ourselves of what kind of person you are trying to become.
•As you fall asleep each night, reflect on what did not go well in the day and why, as well as what did go well in the day and why. Envision how you want to feel and act when you wake up in the morning.
•Take regular and scheduled days away, which include a long period alone in silent reflection on the problems you are facing, what is working and not working, and what you want your future to be like,
•Take regular, light exercise as part of your reflection periods.
•Spend a few minutes every week reading books on the higher meaning of life; not “how-to” books, but books about leading a purposeful life and that talk about the purpose of life itself.
•On a regular basis, take the time to learn something practical from a master in a trade … even if it is not something related to or of application in your work.
•On a regular basis, take the time to do things for the more needy people around us … not by sitting on charity boards or other similar business-related things, but by physically going out and volunteering in the community.

If you practice these habits diligently, you should not only feel and think better, but you have the energy and creativity needed for success in the business world.

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