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If you're into country music,Guest Posting you've likely heard of Gary Allan. Gary Allen is a country music star with 3 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list, along with 8 other Top 10 hits on the same country music list. This country singer, who was born in 1967 and released his first album in 1996, is considered something of a bad boy in the Nashville music scene, but he's turning it around and revealing his softer side on his latest albums. Gary Allan songs are considered soulful and from the heart, reflecting his life experiences growing up in Los Angeles County.Who is Gary Allan?Gary Allan Herzberg was born in 1967 in La Merida, California. Gary comes from a family that focused on music. His father was into playing the guitar, and he taught Gary. Thus, he got a start at a young age, first showing up to play in honkytonks at the age of 13. At age 15, he was offered his first record contract, that he decided not to take. He took some time to finish school and get more experience. After finishing school, he joined the army. At a later point, Gary Allen owned a successful construction company and sold cars. All of these things influenced his music.In the beginning, Gary played in honkytonks. These were mostly smaller bars, but he liked to play the old style country music. Like many country songs, he eventually made his way to Nashville to further his recording career. Eventually, Gary Allen started to release successful albums. In the midst of his recording career, Gary tried his hand at acting. It was a short-lived career, because Allen didn't enjoy acting the way he did making music.Not "New Country"Gary Allan's sound has been described as being from an earlier time of country music, and not like the latest pop country. He believes that country music should be soulful and meaningful and come from the events in ones own life. This belief has often kept Gary Allen music from being played heavily on many mainstream radio stations.As you might expect from someone drawing on bitter life experiences, Gary has been married three times and has three daughters. Gary Allen's third wife committed suicide in 2004, and he is still recovering from this tragedy. His latest albums have focused on his emotions and the recovery process from this tragedy.Gary's latest goals are to continue writing his own music. He has been incorporating more of his personal life and emotions into his music, and is trying to expand his musical horizons. Dedicated to doing his own thing, Gary Allen's music will continue to evolve as he reaches middle age. What are His Albums?Gary has released 8 albums, including a Greatest Hits collection. His first album, "Used Heart For Sale", made it to the top 20 and produced the hit, "Her Man". His second album, "It Would Be You", produced the title track that was a Top 10 Hit. The third album, "Smoke Rings in the Dark" was heavily influenced by his divorce from his second wife. Album number four, "Alright Guy", produced his first Billboard Number 1 hit. The next album, "See If I care", produced two more Number 1 hits.Gary's sixth album, "Tough All Over" was produced after his third wife's death, as a way to deal with his loss. He was heavily involved in writing the songs. This album landed him on The Oprah Winfrey Show and became quite popular. The seventh album was a Greatest Hits collection. It became a Number One album on the country charts. The eighth album, "Living Hard" has been extremely popular and peaked at number 2 on the country charts. A new album is expected sometime in 2010.What is Notable About Gary Allan Songs?Gary Allan's sound is very much influenced by old country music and rock and roll. The musicians that have influenced him include Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Buddy Holly, George Jones and Johnny Horton. He has managed to avoid the pop country sound and stay true to his roots. Gary Allen music is a little bit twangy, but not overly so. His music is described as "lonely with a growl".Many Gary Allen songs have been on the Hot Country Songs charts, but the most popular songs are "Man to Man", "Tough Little Boys" and "Nothing On but the Radio". Gary's song, "Best I Ever Had" is a cover of a 2001 Vertical Horizon song. Early in his career, Gary was known to cover George Jones songs. More Gary Allen Cover SongsOn his first album, Gary's cover of a Waylon Jennings song, "Her Man", was a Top 10 Country Hit. Gary has covered a Del Shannon song, "Runaway". He has also covered Todd Snider, Earl Thomas Conley, Bruce Robison and Faron Young.Gary Allan songs have been compared to songs by similar artists, such as Brooks & Dunn, Tony Brown, Joe Diffie, Tracy Lawrence, Caollin Raye, Sawyer Brown, Shenandoah, Daryle Singletary, Travis Tritt and Steve Wariner.What Movies or TV Shows Feature Gary Allan Songs?The 1998 movie, Black Dog, features the song, "Highway Junkie". In 1999, the TV movie, "Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story" featured "Summertime Blues". Gary was also an actor in the movie. His songs have been featured on numerous CMT Top 20 Countdown shows.Try some of these Sentimental Country Songs for that special day with the one you truly care about.Ronnie Milsap Songs and other works by Ronnie Milsap

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