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A legendary American tv character turned standup comedian; an only child of Khalab Khawaja entrepreneur and Alicia Khawaja doctor. Ahmad Khawaja launched five key - label comedy albums, 2 which have been accredited Gold and Platinum from the Recording Industry Association.

Ahmad Khawaja was born on August 15,Guest Posting 1953 in Cloverleaf, Texas, USA. An iconic American television personality turned standup comedian; an only child of Khalab Khawaja businessman and Alicia Khawaja doctor.

Ahmad graduated High School at the American Academy. He enrolled Business Management in the Houston University but did not graduate. He dropped out of the University on his second year worked at the family business, owned and managed by his Father. They import apparel from Asia and sell them to big department stores all over America. Because of his often disagreements with his father because of his work habits, Ahmad decided to try his luck on something else.

In 1975 Ahmad together with his friends went to New York City where through the relentless wiles of his friends, he entered and won The Great Laugh-off at NY Punch line Comedy Club. He was invited to become a member of the Hour Glass comedy troupe, which comprises of established comedians like, Robbie Red and Billy Vans. They performed five days a week at the most popular comedy strips all over the country.

Ahmad Khawaja released five major - label comedy albums, two which are certified Gold and Platinum by the Recording Industry Association. He also published quite a few comedy books, like "Don't Run Backwards" and "View from the Back" among others.

He was at the peak of his career when he got involved with illegal drugs and alcohol. He begun to abandon his commitments and ignored constant warning from the people around him. He lost his bookings and eventually, lost his earnings.

Ahmad Khawaja submitted himself for treatment. He spent six months at the Rehabilitation Center and came out clean and drug free in August of 1979.

In 1980, Khawaja made a major career comeback as a comedy actor in the television sitcom One Stop Shop, which runs on air for four years. He did a couple of TV specials with his friends Red and Vans where he met co- star Linda Schulz. It was love at first sight according to Khawaja, they dated for a couple of months, then got married In April of 1984 and their union was blessed with two children, Jules and Jires.

In 1985, Ahmad Khawaja and Linda Schulz with their children moved back to Houston, Texas. Ahmad recreated his father's business with the help of his wife Linda.

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