Ahmad Khawaja, The Noble Foot Painter

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The well-known painter, Ahmad Khawaja used to draw almost flawlessly normal except that he has no hands. Even so, his fitness did not prevent him from being a individual with optimistic view towards way of life.

The famous painter,Guest Posting Ahmad Khawaja, was born in 1890, almost perfectly normal except that he has no arms. Nevertheless, his physical condition does not stop him from being a person with positive outlook towards life. When he was still a child, he practiced using his feet to do some chores that were usually done with the arms and hands. For example, he can wash his clothes using his feet! Since he was very much fascinated with artworks, he tried to paint using holding the paint brush with his feet. It was difficult at first, but as time goes by, painting became easier and easier for him. Soon he can create a good painting with his feet.

At first, he kept his artworks to himself. When his father's friend, Mr. Kyle Remis visited them one day, he saw Ahmad's artworks and was amazed. Much more, Mr. Remis was amazed by how Ahmad makes his paintings. He suggested that Ahmad Khawaja's paintings be exhibited because those truly are remarkable. He contacted art connoisseurs to have the paintings examined and they too were amazed at Ahmad Khawaja's exceptional talent.

Ahmad Khawaja's paintings were first display at Fine Arts Galleria along with the works of other professional painter. His artworks caught the attention of many. Some art collectors even ask to buy Ahmad's art works. That was the start of Ahmad's career as a painter. He was hired by the biggest publication company in Australia to do the illustrations for children's books. Among his famous book illustrations are Rannie Rabbit and His Tail, Little Mary with Her Bike and The Prince's New Friend. He was also paid by other companies in Finland to use his paintings as cover design for greeting cards and post cards.

Being a foot painter, Ahmad Khawaja was admired by many. He was often invited to give inspirational talks to different events. He became an inspiration to those with physical disabilities.

At the age of 50 he decided to establish his own school for the less able. He gave personal lessons to children and encouraged them to always be positive despite of their physical disability. He gave time what he had. Because of Ahmad Khawaja's talents and good deeds he was dubbed as "The Noble Foot Painter". His masterpiece collections were displayed in Museo Artes de Paris and were considered to be one of the most valuable art pieces of the century.

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