Brass is Making a Comeback Say San Jose General Contractors

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A few years back, you would have probably gotten a funny look if you recommended to an indoor designer that you wanted to include brass add-ons in your house. In the past, brass was viewed as an outdated material to work with.

A couple of years ago,Guest Posting you would have probably gotten a funny look if you suggested to an interior designer that you wanted to add brass accessories in your home. Back then, brass was seen as a dated material to work with. However, it is now 2013 and brass is making a comeback in a big way. While overusing this type of material can still turn your home into a time capsule of days long gone, judicious use of brass elements can easily turn your home into a modern and classy home fit for 2013. Ask your general contractor San Jose about the possibility of using brass to spruce up your home. Here are a few great suggestions that you can start with.

Using Brass with Furniture

Though it is very durable, using large brass pieces for your home is actually a pretty bad idea. This is especially true for large brass tables or chairs. However, finding furniture with a few brass accents here and there is a great way of adding just a touch of old world glamor into an otherwise drab room. You can add a small brass side table or a coffee table with brass legs. The key concept to remember here is everything in moderation.


This is probably the easiest way to add a touch of brass into your home. Find brass lighting fixtures that will look good in a modern home. For larger pieces such as chandeliers or drop lights, look for pieces with small brass accents. This also holds true for sconces and lamps so try not to go overboard with your selection. Once you have made your choices, an A+ rated  BBB general Brass contractor San Jose should be called. They can easily do all of the dirty work for you.

Brass Accessories

This is where brass can truly shine. You can easily add brass accent pieces to almost any room in your home. You can add brass mirror frames, candle holders, and other small items. For your kitchen, you can also add brass faucets, drawer pulls and cabinet pulls. For a modern look however, make sure to mix things up by adding other metals such as chrome, silver, or pewter as accessories in your home. When it comes to Brass accessories, try not to go overboard. Remember: less is more. Don’t forget to clean and polish brass regularly to maintain its beauty.

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If you want to keep up with the times, adding touches of brass in your home is a great idea. Aside from that, these simple remodeling projects are easy to do and you are A rated San Jose General Contractor will be able to finish everything well within a week.

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