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California king bed sheets have been very popular over the years. As the kind of all beds is the sophisticated California King, the California king sheets are widely in demand. These are the longest and biggest of all bed types.

There are 4 king sized beds,Guest Posting very popular all over the United States – Standard King Bed, Western King Bed, California King Bed and Eastern King Bed. Of all these types of king sized beds, the California king beds are the most popular. Catering to the demand for California king bed sheets has been one of the greatest choices for most linen production companies. California king sheets are widely available, but the choice of these sheets should be made very carefully to prevent ill fitting. It is very important to find proper California king bed sheets that are specifically created for the largest and most sophisticated California kind size beds.

The California king sheets are usually longer than the regular king size sheets by 4 inches. These are specifically designed to fit this variety of bed. The bed derived its name because of the fact that it was a rage in the entire west coast, with prominence in California.

California king size bed sheets have been designed so that it fits beds that are 72” wide and 84” long. The width is standard for all king sized beds, but Californian variety is longer in their length, which makes it a better choice for people who are tall. These bed sheets are also called Western kings or “Cali” kings. One interesting fact to learn about these California king bed sheets is that they are more luxurious if the thread of these sheets are higher. It makes them more expensive too.

The best known variety of California king sheets is Egyptian cotton. These are quite expensive.

In order to obtain these best quality of California king bed sheets, it is important for people to learn about the variety available. People living in the west coast can obtain these sheets from any part of California. However, for the ones who do not live in the west coast, it might be difficult to find one.  But with the advent of online shopping options, it could be possible to find some of the best selection of sheets. The thread count should be determined first. 1200 count Egyptian cotton variety remains the most popular choice.

Next, one has to determine the budget. As these California king bed sheets are very popular, it is important to buy the soft and silky variety once. Quality is an important factor as these are one time investment.

Apart from the thread count, there are some other factors, such the weave type, fabric type and pattern type that matters. Sheets that are made from cotton are soft and comfortable.  These are breathable and natural variety, which makes them a preferred choice. However, synthetic or polyester fabrics should be avoided completely because these are uncomfortable. Also, these material look ragged and wear out after washing.

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